Schools in Sarjapur Road


Education is always an admirable factor to be considered, says Oscar Wilde, a great Irish poet. A human or individual will be a fulfilled or complete only if he or she is educated. Schools are the only place from which an individual kid or child starts its initial process of learning. It is more prominent as it is the period that the human brain is more attentive and forms the good level of Intelligence Quotient (IQ). So education in all forms like arts, academics, sports and individuality are more preeminent for the growth of child. The factors that are to be considered in selecting good schools in Sarjapur Road and other parts of Bangalore are the basic amenities that each school provides to foster a rich learning environment.

Study conducted through some of the schools on Sarjapur Road has proven that still there is lacking in basic facilities like water supply, drinking water and appropriate class rooms. This should be changed and sent to the notice of education board as it is the essential thing that is to be provided to students in a best School in Bangalore. Major parts of Bangalore are now built with numerous educational institutes and organizations. Most of the schools do not have spacious playgrounds. They function in regular buildings like apartments and multi storey buildings, but without a proper play area. Thus, absence of play area has reduced the essential breaks and refreshment that a student or child need at that age to be more progressive and involved in studies. Another factor that is concerned is Library as it surges the reading skills of a kid, but major schools in Sarjapur Road don’t have proper library system.

Orchids The International School located in Bangalore is an established education organization which was first originated at Hyderabad and later established in Mumbai too. Our school has all basic amenities like well built class rooms, playground and play areas for different age group of students. We have conducted book fair and also started a book club, motivating kids with reading habits and also have a well-stocked library.