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Most children and adults too….enjoy watching movies. In fact it is quite surprising to note that even adults enjoy watching popular animation/kids movies!More so, if these movies are based on books.It is like watching a book come alive, isn’t it? Movies inevitably manage to fascinate children and holidays are the time when children get time to catch up on their favourite ones! Here are a list of movies which you and your child can watch together and enjoy during this holiday season.Of course there are so many more which can be added to this list. Do share with us any other popular childrens’ movie titles which you have watched and can recommend to others – we would love to hear from you!

List of popular movies enjoyed by children world over-

The Lion King – Children simply love Simba, don’t they!

The Sound Of Music – a fantastic watch, equally enjoyed by adults and kidsUntitled6

Harry Potter – which child can resist seeing this book in action?

The Jungle Book – a new version is released!

Jumanji – A combination of ‘book coming alive’ and magical board game- hard to resist

Bambi (1942) – a sweet movie enjoyed by kids of all ages

Frozen – who doesn’t love it!

Rio- an interesting watch for kids

Finding Nemo- another cute movie enjoyed by all agesUntitled7

Home Alone- a fun watch for everyone

Shrek – a touching story much enjoyed by kids

Willi Wonka and The Chocolate Factory – another book that comes alive

Adventures of Tintin – Secret of the Unicorn

…………………………………………..and many many more!


A recent version of the ‘The Jungle Book’ is one of the latest childrens’ movies releases.Did you happen to watch it with your child?Do share your thoughts on these popular movies with us, in the comments section.Wishing you ‘fun’tastic movie moments with your little one!