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How I overcame my child’s health issues – a mother’s tale


How I overcame my child’s health issues  a mother’s tale !!

Sheryn was concerned about 9 year old Aryan’s health. In the last two years Aryan was moving from chubby to plump and now the doctor had asked Sheryn to put Aryan on a diet as he was nearing obese. Something was needed to be done..and fast! Sheryn requested the doctor to chart a diet plan for Aryan. The doctor simply told her to cut down on junk and ensure more of outside play!


How was she to do this?  Sheryn decided to first identify what junk foods Aryan liked to eat, the frequency of eating it etc. She realized that almost four days a week, the family was having outside food – either take-outs or eating out. When she put it down in calculation, she realized that the entire family’s outside dining frequency had indeed increased during the last one year.

When it came to outside play, Sheryn realized, there was none! Most of the times Aryan was glued to the television or some gadget with latest games.

So…there were things she needed to sort out, she realized, to ensure a healthy lifestyle. As it is, balancing her work with home was getting difficult. Thankfully she had a fairly flexible work schedule, which ensured she had time to spend with Aryan for his studies. He was fairly good at studies, so not much work there.

She decided to make a plan to solve Aryan’s nearing obesity condition. She marked out on the calendar the days when they ate out and decided to find an alternative to it. The weekday evenings were the times they ate outside food the most. Time to find a helper, she decided. The mornings were taken care of, it was the evening cooking for which she needed someone as it would take too much of her time if she cooked in the evenings too. It would be reasonable on the pocket too….they were spending way too much money on outside eating!


The second step was to enrol Aryan in rigorous sports activities. She decided to rope in her friend Anandhi’s son too. The two were good friends and both were getting more and more addicted to gadgets. She and Anandhi enrolled them in badminton, tennis and football. A sulky Aryan expressed that he was not very keen on badminton and tennis.

It is important to get enough exercise Aryan, else I will be forced to cut down on snacks.” The trick worked.

By the end of the week, Sheryn found a helper for her evening cooking. She formulated a menu plan comprising all essential ingredients for healthy eating and she decided the menu based on a combination of dals, pulses, grains, vegetables etc.

Now all the ingredients will be home-made and clean. A shuffling of these ingredients over the week will be perfect!”, she thought.

For the weekend she decided to do something different. She browsed around for easy cooking recipes.

Aah, vegetable sandwich –the perfect option!”

Saturday morning saw Aryan and Sheryn deeply engrossed in making sandwiches for breakfast. Aryan helped his mother prepare the stuffing for the sandwiches. Together they made yummy strawberry smoothie too! Aryan was happy to be involved in making breakfast and he chattered excitedly about this week. The family then sat together and enjoyed breakfast time. They spoke about work, school and outings etc.

How important it is to spend such quality time with family.”, thought Sheryn.

The helper soon settled well into the routine with Sheryn passing on healthy recipes to her from time to time. There was almost no need to order food from outside. Aryan was enjoying the home cooked meals too. He even went to the extent of searching healthy recipes and gave them to his mother.

Our eat-outs are fewer these days Anandhi. I am so happy that my family has realized the importance of eating healthy!” said Sheryn.

The biggest surprise was that, Aryan and Ronav teamed up well during their tennis and badminton classes and were selected to represent their school in State level games. Their time on gadgets was diminishing, while their fitness levels increased.

During the next visit to the doctor, he saw Aryan completely transformed. He had blossomed into a healthy, strong boy and was not moping around inside the house with gadgets. The doctor was confident that within a couple of months, Aryan’s weight problem would be sorted out. It was definitely a moment of pride for the entire family!

Dear parents – It only takes a little planning and organizing to prevent such situations and to take care of your child’s health. The oldest of sayings –“Health is wealth” is probably the most true! Do write to us about the nutrition plan, any healthy recipes which you are following for your child, in the comments section.