Teaching the Teacher..


Teaching the Teacher..

Teachers play a very important role in the lives of students-that is universally known. Ever wondered about how much impact students can have on teachers? As a teacher, I have tried to capture in words about the unique and long lasting teacher-student bond..

My course in Education taught me how to teach, how to manage a classroom, how to handle different kinds of students, how to complete teaching a topic in less than an hour etc. After completing my course, I decided to take up teaching as profession and joined a school near my home. I still remember the first day, the time when I walked into the classroom to deliver my first session to Grade 5 children. Frankly, I was nervous. I remember dreading how the students may talk and disrupt class or just express plain disinterest. (I knew all the different ways in which students behave, having recently passed that stage myself!!)

“Teacher what are we going to study today?”

“Teacher do you want to refer to my textbook?”

I really need not have worried. Their shiny eyes and eager questions helped me shed all inhibitions and I enjoyed the session immensely. My first session’s learning was- Listen to the child. Children are eager and curious by nature and all they want is someone to listen to them. A bond was already forming with my students I realized.

I grew to enjoy all my interactions with the children and then my next learning happened. I had lost someone very close to me and walked into the class-pre occupied and upset wondering how to handle three quarters of an hour in this condition. Again, I need not have worried. The children seemed to understand. They seemed to go out of their way to be disciplined and extended an unspoken warmth. It was a revelation to me that children could sense so much. Definitely a learning which my two year course in Education did not teach me!!

Another time when I was off from school for a week due to a viral fever-

“Did the Doctor give you an injection Teacher? I hope it did not hurt. “

“Get well soon Teacher, we miss you!!”

The enquiries and wishes used to pour in. It was another eye-opener for me. Children always remember you in their thoughts and…… they are never too busy to enquire about you!

After word: Teaching is the best thing that happened in my life and the endearing aspect is that children never let me feel that Teachers Day is just for a single day. That is the uniqueness of a teacher –student bond!


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