“I think it is a major declaration to Orchids The International School that our child has joined a decent school in Mumbai with no issue. Really, in a few zones, for example, maths and science he is progressed contrasted with his age bunch and the school here in Mumbai. Consequently, our earnest congrats and because of Orchids The International School. Our child truly adore School and has advanced a considerable measure with them, both scholastically and socially. Much thanks to you again for the considerable time that our child had at Orchids The International School and for setting him up exceptionally well for the arrival to Mumbai.“

-Kusum V.

“I have been pretty satisfied with the progress of my daughter Saloni Bhatia. I have decided to put my other two kids as well in this school. As I have studied at IIT, Delhi, I have a pretty good exposure of education and studying techniques myself which I keep discussing with the Principal Ms. Mona. We have shared productive ideas which are beneficial to the students in the long run. I have found the principal pretty open to bring positive changes in the school which are good for the students.“

-Ravi Bhatia

"I want to extend my gratitude and thanks to the principal all the teachers, and staff of OrchidsInternationalSchool for giving my daughter a very good place to study and excel in all areas. She has shown tremendous improvement in both academics and extra-curricular activities. We made a right decision for our daughter’s future by selecting Orchids. We thank you once again. Keep up the good work. We are really proud of our daughter Manasa’s achievements."

-Rabeena Raveendranath

"My son was going to play school at Chicago earlier. We were looking for an easy transition and a place for all round development. Finally, we discovered Orchids. Of course, they had given us wealth of information on facilities, curriculum and admissions process. However the key influencing factor was their academic focus, faculty approachability & accountability at every level. It has been 5 years now and there has been consistent improvement all around. Now we have admitted our second son as well in the same school. He loves the school environment and has settled in quickly. Once again, basic fundamentals always were strong. They are always ready to listen to parents. Several things such as TeachNext & Edusports show the investment and mindset of the management to build the future of the kids."

-Ravinder Reddy, Associate Vice President, Semanticspace

"Orchids International is truly an outstanding school. The way they approach each individual child and their well being is what makes them different from the rest of the schools. We moved from the US and I was worried about the school transition for my son. Thanks to Orchids’ staff, this has been the most pleasant experience for us. Within a short span my son has adjusted very well & has fallen in love with his school and friends. The teachers are excellent, very caring and organized. The curriculum is challenging and diverse. Any suggestion made to the principal/staff/teacher has always been promptly accepted and followed through."

-Sushma Sammeta, Project Manager at Hewlett-Packard

"I was at Orchids this morning and would like to share what I experienced. My daughter was a little late today and was stopped by one of the teachers and a late arrival remark was written in her diary. I was so happy at this disciplinary action. Getting children to step out of the house in time for anything is an ordeal and I was happy about the action taken.Thanks for making Orchids the way it is today and I hope we continue to see you guiding and leading the school ahead."

-Kalpana Rao


-Parents of Raheel