The charming ‘grandparents-child’ equation


The charming ‘grandparents-child’ equation

In recent years, a lot of ‘days’ are being celebrated during the year. ‘Father’s Day’, ‘Mother’s day’, ‘Teacher’s day’ plus a whole lot of birthdays and anniversaries etc. The list is pretty long! Remembering all of them would be quite confusing…so…why not treat each day as special? After all, each day is indeed a special day!

October 1st is celebrated as ‘International Day of Older persons’. Since my son Vidyut’s birthday falls on the same date, we decided to host a different kind of party for him (in relation to ‘International Day of Older persons’). We decided that a ‘grandparents party’ would be fun –for him and his friends. Since he is in Grade 5, we thought it would be a good idea to allow him to plan his party himself, with the guidance of his grandparents. We gave him the budget and soon we saw Vidyut and Grandpa planning away the details, taking the entire project very seriously. Grandpa and Vidyut sent out the invites to all friends and neighbours. They told me to sit back and relax and that they would take care of EVERYTHING! To be honest, I was only too happy to oblige, I was getting a bit tired of hosting birthday parties.

As the day neared, I wondered and worried- “What about the snacks? What about the entertainment? What about the decorations ,Vidyut? Don’t you want me to help you with all that?”

“Relax Mom, Grandpa and I have taken care of everything.”

The day of the party dawned. At 6 p.m. I was told it would start. Throughout the morning I saw no sign of any arrangements for the party. My husband left for work as usual, leaving me to worry all by myself, calmly saying- “Am sure it will be a fun party.” “Even if there is no food. ” he added jokingly.

At 3 p.m., the doorbell rang and a mini army of grandparents entered the house. I was too stunned, thinking that the party was ready to start – with nothing! Then I looked around and saw that each grandparent was armed with something in their hands. Within half an hour, the grandfathers as a team decorated the main room. Every corner in the room was decorated carefully and lovingly. Balloons and streamers were tied and a large banner reading “HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIDYUT” was put on the wall.

The grandmothers asked me to provide one large table. I did so. A plethora of sweets, savouries and juices were laid out on the table, fit for a feast. Every item was home made and lovingly prepared by the grandmothers themselves. One of them who had recently started making birthday cakes for children, had prepared a most amazing looking choco chips cake with a loving message on it.

The children started arriving at 6 p.m. My husband reached in time to welcome our little guests (after having recovered from his surprise of seeing a beautifully decorated house and a magnificent spread on the table).

So..guess who took care of the entertainment too? No prizes for guessing correctly…the grandparents stole the show with their performances. One grandfather dressed as a clown and did funny tricks, while another entertained as a magician, calling on the children to help with the tricks. A quiz was arranged for the children by one of the grandfathers. Every child was helped to answer each question, by all the grandparents! All the children (grandparents included) wore comical hats and danced to the music- all latest hits, arranged by Vidyut’s grandfather. The children and grandparents later cut the cake and attacked the food. Home cooked food surpasses everything and that too the ingredient of ‘love’ added to it by the ever-so-generous grandmothers ensured that the party was a rocking success!

Next time if I have to host a GRAND party for my child ,I know exactly what I have to do! Just involve the grandparents. They would do anything to bring a smile onto the faces of these little ones and would go to any lengths to maintain those smiles.

Grandparents usually call it their ‘second childhood’ when they are with grandchildren and it is so charming to see the pleasure they bring to each other. Children naturally bond with elders as they find a lot of understanding and care and love from them. It is important to nurture this bonding and strengthen it as children usually consider grandparents to be their pillar of support. Grandparents always oblige a child’s request for a second scoop of ice cream, another toffee, a piggy back ride, a book reading and so on. It is a charming bond, of love and tenderness and joy!


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