The Growing ‘Gaming’ world

Reema, any idea how I can transfer these photos from my phone to my laptop? I lost my data cable! And I need to submit them at office tomorrow” I was frantic on the phone, talking to my sister.

Give it to me mom, it will be copied by evening, don’t worry”, chimed in my 9 year old son from the hall.

Hmmm…are you sure? I don’t want to lose them forever, you know ..and I need to show them to the client tomorrow.”

Of course I won’t lose them mom!” said Varun indignantly. With that he proceeded to download some software onto my laptop and within the next one hour successfully transferred the photos to it, while I sheepishly acknowledged it with a ‘Thanks’.

Let’s face it- children have a fantastic way with technology. Give them a smart phone or a gadget and watch them figure out its usage and tell you about it. Happens a lot doesn’t it?

As much as we have to acknowledge the booming influence of technology in almost every feature in our lives, parents are also aware of the thin boundaries that stands between its advantages and disadvantages. However the worries about the harms of it must not affect its effective advantages.

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Yes, a lot of games are available, which has educational benefits. Monitoring ‘screen time’ is probably the most effective way to capitalize on these benefits. Here are some interesting games which are quite popular in the International scenario and well enjoyed by children. Of course, these are only suggestions and we would encourage you to research, explore and be convinced, before recommending them to your child.

GamingMinecraft : Children get a chance to recreate architecture in this game. The game helps to build a variety of skills in children such as exploration, building and even survival skills.

Turtle Academy – Another fun game where children get to learn LOGO programming through fun games.

Scratch (– It is a free programming language and online community where children can create own interactive stories, games and animations.

Also do check this link for some fun activity sites for kids!

Summer vacations present wonderful moments for parent child bonding. Exposing children to a variety of games and activities at a young age, helps them understand their own interests and will certainly help them nourish a hobby. Monitored usage of technology as a tool, wherever appropriate, will ensure that children understand the utility of it. Do write to us and share with us any other technology-enabled games which you have found to have good educational value- we would love to hear from you!