The hi and low of technology


‘I wonder where she found the recipe for this looks so yummy!’
‘And this has got to the funniest video I ever saw. Too cute!’

Something was starting to niggle me at the back of my mind. My mind vaguely registered the door opening and someone walking in.

I snapped out of my ‘tech world’ and saw that my husband was back home after taking the children to the park.My son’s first question was-‘Did you put the tablet for charge mummy?’ . My little daughter promptly pushed my laptop away, got out her favourite ‘In the Night Garden’ book and plonked herself onto my lap. Maybe she thinks she is supposed to be my laptop (in the literal sense) 


Two minutes into the book and my mind was starting to wander back to that new shoe which I had seen in an online sale. ‘I hope those shoes are not taken!’ What if they are?’ I tried reading her the story while discreetly checking my phone now to be assured that the sale was still on. That’s when I noticed messages from a close friend to which I needed to reply. (We friends by the way haven’t actually spoken to each other in a long time. We are too busy typing away to each other!) Ten minutes later the scene when my husband walked into the room – my son playing a game online, my daughter watching TV with the book on her lap while I shot him a guilty look and put the phone away.
                                                                                           ~source -my diary

Sheryn used to go crazy trying to literally plead with her 10 year old son to restrict his screen time. His immediate response without even batting an eyelid always was- Mom, could you please do that first!? (With a clear high tone on the word YOU) I remember her cringing and bearing it in my presence.
~ source – a fellow mom’s diary.

How difficult it becomes for us to connect less and less with the real world but spend more and more time in the not-so-real world of internet, is it not? So how do we as parents go about setting an example? Because it is not easy to tell our child to do his/her homework while we snatch some screen time!

For starters it is important that we set our priorities right. Time is probably the only priceless commodity which we could give our children-because time if once given cannot be taken back. If we would like our kids to spend sufficient time with family, it is only achievable by first ensuring that we ourselves do it.Read on to find how to achieve a balance between our life and technology.

  • Allot time, untie yourself from all the technology wires that bind you and try to focus and enjoy your moments with the little ones that make your life beautiful. Be it a visit to the mall, to a relative’s house,a vacation etc, be mentally present with your child.
  • Sit with your child each day for a few minutes and talk with your child about their day-what they did, what they wanted to do etc.
  • Try restricting your own compulsive need to keep checking the phone. Most of the time we check out of habit rather than with any actual purpose.
  • Checking the phone constantly and especially in the night after getting into bed is not really a good idea as it may not be good for the eyes.
    Enjoy your meal without being glued to the screen.
  • Explore your child’s interests and hobbies- it could be gardening or reading or even cooking. Spend time with them in these activities –they will love you for it.
  • For some people their smart phone is such an obsession such that they even like to use it while they drive. Avoid it –it is not only dangerous but your child will also be watching you.
  • Allot screen time for yourself when your children are in school or in classes, to browse for your favourite recipes, catch up on Television etc.

Use technology as TEACHNOLOGY-sit with your toddler and play silly games, use it for applications to help count, teach alphabets etc. Do also play physical sports ensuring that children remember that such activities do exist.

Gadgets are slowly replacing face to face interactions and it is very important that children don’t misunderstand parents by thinking that birthdays and wishes are ONLY to be done through technology. It is interesting to note that phones were primarily invented to encourage communication and how smart phones are almost wiping out verbal communication. Something we need to ponder upon and take quick measures. It is after all not such a bad idea to speak to people!

Also do try out mobile-fasting.Warning- Believe me, it is much more difficult than being on a salad diet!

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