The Reality of it!

The reality of it!

That is my share of water you are drinking Maria!”

“Sorry, mine got over and I felt extremely thirsty.”

“Mom, look Maria is finishing MY water!”

“Go park your cycle first Ren and make sure both of you fill your oxygen tank today itself.”

“No….no….it is simply not possible Mom, how did we get into this situation?”

“Ren, Ren! What happened??”

Mom was staring at me in utter disbelief. All the lights were on and Maria had a quizzical look on her face (possibly I had mentioned aloud her name too).

Oh!” I rubbed my eyes. Thank God it is just a dream, I realized.

Drink this glass of water Ren and how many times I have told you NOT to watch violent movies at night!No wonder you are screaming.”

I was still in a daze. I had not watched any movies, I had simply watched my friend Sudhir’s presentation for Environmental Awareness Week in college. The reality I saw in his PPT was actually more scary than any horror/violent movie I had ever watched!

Ok I am fine now Mom, Maria…you can go back to sleep now.”

But why will I not give you water Ren? You were screaming at me for not sharing water. Why will I not share something that is freely available Ren?” She was still referring to my dream.

That’s the whole point I thought. We take things so much for granted.

Ok let’s sleep, I am perfectly fine now.”

The next morning while getting ready for college I slowly realized, what I had dreamed the previous day, could actually be a reality very soon. Sudhir  was going to make a presentation to the junior students in college about the environmental issues and the need to take steps to save our environment. Frankly I was not so keen on attending, till I saw the presentation yesterday.

Some of the issues highlighted by Sudhir were very grave – water pollution, global warming, carbon footprint, indiscriminate land use and so on. Naturally most of us are aware of all these concerns..but what was troubling was no one was doing much about it – including me!

So today I decided that I will participate along with Sudhir and team and add value to their project. I mentally made a plan – a ‘clean-up’ drive and an awareness campaign would certainly help and add value Untitled7to Sudhir’s project.

The idea caught on well with my friends and we decided to hold a clean-up drive during the coming week, involving all students of the college. The presentation held at the college auditorium was well attended (we provided snacks and juice from the college kitty :)).
We got a lot of volunteers signing up for the drive. We chose to clean the local beach. The beach was never a pleasant sight these days –plastics such as bags, bottles, wrappers etc. were always strewn around. The volunteers split into teams, each took over a portion of the beach and ………..did a fantastic job removing the clutter from the beach! The best part of the drive was, a lot of people (whom we never knew before) joined us when they saw us working.

After the cleanliness drive, we also had a brief interaction with the locals in that area, highlighting to them about how our actions affects environment and what we could do to take care of our surroundings. There are plenty of things we could do in our day-to-day life to take care of the environment –

  1. Go ahead and plant those seeds – There are so many space saving mUntitled6ethods for growing plants. Research them and plan out your very own kitchen garden! As a bonus, you will be supplied with fresh and natural vegetables. Now isn’t that exciting?!
  2. Avoid plastic – There are plenty of natural options available these days. Refuse plastic bags given at shops, always carry a cloth bag.
  3. Save water by doing simple things like – have a bath instead of a shower, turn off the tap while brushing teeth, use washing machine only when there is a full load etc. These are basic things which we all can do!
  4. Walk more – The world would be a relatively nicer place if we all walked more instead of driving – most importantly think of the positive effects on our health!

The list is long….the point is every small step counts.

The drive was a massive success and we have decided to take it forward and conduct such drives more frequently across the city. It is definitely possible now, with the strong support shown by the wonderful citizens of our country!

Dear readers, Orchids- The International School also encourages students to think about the environment and engages them in activities which aim at protecting our environment. Students have always displayed tremendous spirit while participating in such activities! Do comment and share with us what positive acts you do for the environment, we would love to hear!