The Season Booth Day

Orchids The International School in Jalahalli, Bangalore believes in creating brighter future for the children. Every event in our school makes the children to see the possibilities and get involved. On 29th November 2013 at Orchids The International School, Jalahalli, Bangalore, the Season Booth Day was organized in the presence of Principal and Coordinators.

It was about the four seasons of a year. The main objectives to organize the day were to reinforce the concept of seasons, to enhance sensorial exploration skills in children and to enhance the vocabulary. All the students of UKG, LKG and nursery students enjoyed learning the names of four seasons, the weather and the time at which they come in a year.

What happens in the spring season? The blooming flowers, lush trees, cooing birds and more. The spring booth was setup by the teacher where she exhibited the flowers, birds, etc. and also sang a rhyme. The children enjoyed it!

The next season is the summer where you can imagine scorching heat, walking in the park and drinking fruit juices. The children learnt about the summer season in the summer booth by looking at a model of the beach and park. Also, there were other objects like fruits, juice, ice creams, summer clothing’s and accessories.

The monsoon booth was filled with rain gear, umbrella, gumboot, sprinkler, paper boats, pictures of animals, fruits and rainbow. The teacher made the children to get a glimpse of rainy season by singing a rhyme along with the children.

The winter season was really fun because it is Christmas time. There were cut outs of a snowman, Christmas tree, Santa Claus, woolen clothes, snowfall and the pictures of fruits and vegetables. In addition, the children enjoyed watching few videos to understand the seasonal cycle. At Orchids The International School, we prepare the students to enjoy their learning as a journey but not the destination.

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