The “triangle” series


The “ triangle” series

“I will not be able to join you all for the movie. It is exam time!!”

Wondering which helpless student said that? Well, those are the echoes of all parents during examination time. After all, exam time for students does mean exam time for parents is it not? Or at least that is how the trend is.

Sleepless nights, continuous revisions, never ending test series have become an integral part of the parent-student-examination triangle. A good friend of mine I knew to be always calm and collected as a person, suddenly appeared always stressed out. So much that she opted to join Yoga classes. Seems she needed to go, in order to handle her daughter’s exams.

We often discuss in our group, about the different ways in which we handle our child during examinations…and found that most of the group start with cajoling, move onto comparing, threatening , bribery and some admitted to even yelling. Not very encouraging responses, eh!

In the midst of all this, take a minute to think-how your child must be feeling during exams. In this ocean of studies, examinations, classes and activities, do not forget the main entity around which it all revolves- your child. It is important to find the right balance, as a parent, to facilitate the education process of your child. The right mix of- being involved while not over doing it.

It is not easy to find such a balance, but here are some tips to help you facilitate your child’s examination preparation process-

A conducive and stress free home environment to study should be the first in the list. A clean and tidy room with study table and desk and organized bookshelves with all study material will provide a means to a peaceful study environment.
A good study plan with enough time for study and revision is important. This can be done through the year, thereby avoiding a last minute exam preparation. Helping your child make a study plan for himself/ herself is a good idea.That way it will give them a chance to be responsible for their own decisions.
While planning out the study timetable, do not forget to ensure that your child has enough breaks. Plan something exciting for the break time. That will motivate them to finish fast and look forward to the activity planned. The break should aim at refreshing the child and preparing him/her for the next session.Parents can also plan out relaxation techniques with children such as-meditation, yoga etc. During these short breaks.
Plenty of fresh air and the right diet and a good night’s sleep is important to invigorate a child’s mind andenable them to tackle his/her studies. A balanced diet with plenty of fresh fruit and protein rich foods is good.
Building a positive frame of mind towards studies and maintaining it during the examinations is a priority. Encourage your child in a positive manner. Avoid stressing them with high expectations. Appreciate whenever they display a sense of self discipline and adhere to their study timetable.
Research on study methodologies. Since every child need not study in the same way, help your child find methods that suit him/her the best.

We must never forget that the child also undergoes equal stress during examinations and it is important to help them handle it, mainly by just being there for him/her.The more a child is able to handle examinations without stress, automatically parents will also be able to relax.

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