This New Year….all of us MUST do this!


This New Year….all of us MUST do this!

The best gift that we could give ourselves this New Year is – ‘the art of living in the moment’. Often we get trapped in our routines. We find ourselves caught in situations and moments, where we find it difficult to tear ourselves mentally away from the scene. In the bargain, we end up missing on some precious moments.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine told me about how she missed watching her son’s performance at school because she got an important official call just as her son’s performance started. Many times I have caught myself pondering about the future while in conversation with another person. Last week when I was at the restaurant, I observed the scene at the next table. The food had arrived but the couple at the table were caught up doing other things. One of them was talking on the phone while the other was doodling on paper. Such situations have becomes very common, is it not? The truth is, we are simply missing those beautiful moments.

Being ‘present’ is definitely one the best ways to a happier life. There are various ways in which we could ensure that we are mentally ‘present’. Here are few that worked for me

  1. Guide your mind to the present situation – This is a habit that we need to enforce on ourselves. Whenever you think your mind is wandering, gently redirect it to the present. And then..enjoy the moments!
  2. Meditation – Research shows that meditation is good for effective concentration. Allot ten to fifteen minutes a day for meditation. It will also be easier to redirect our minds effectively. Switch off the phone and try not to think of it for a while. This way, you will be able to focus on the present.
  3. The next time you have a sensory experience, enjoy it. Feel like smelling that rose, go ahead and do it! Want to stop and watch that beautiful sunset, do it! Remember, no one can stop you from doing these things except your own self.
  4. Listening and Smiling – They say it costs absolutely nothing. And they are absolutely correct! Smiling and actually listening while in a conversation is totally healthy for the body.
  5. Never compromise on time with near and dear ones. Attend all those family functions, never miss your little one’s special events, surprise your mother with a sudden visit. Always remember- these moments will never come back.

Dear readers, the list can go on and on. Life is too short to postpone our happiness or to worry about the future. There are so many ways to live in the moment! Each of us are unique and so are our methods. This New Year let us all keep a common resolution – to live in the moment and enjoy it! Spread the joy and spread the message!