Sahanablinked her eyes open, her clock showed 6:00 am. “Wow, wonderful, why would I ever get up so early?” Suddenly the realization hit her. Today, it was her 6thbirthday.

She wore a beautiful pink dress that dad brought from Disney World, Paris. It had matching sandals and a floral hair band.

Anju, cried out- “Lets rush it’s already late, need to catch the school bus”.

Sahana managed a last glance at the mirror and rushed to the door.

They headed in the direction of the bus stop. The bus was late,Anju tried using an umbrella for shade. It was a hot summer day.

“Mom, are we taking the Anjali ,Prateek, Saba, Bhavna out to Mc Donladsor Dominos? I feel Mc Donalds would be a better idea. The new range of Power Puff Girls with Happy Meal, would be fun.”

Anju trying hard to listen, was reminded of the presentation and meeting scheduled after an hour. The presentation still required the data, which Rahul had not mailed. Wondering what could be the reason, as he is always very prompt.

The traffic increased near the bus stop, but there was no sight of the school bus.

Anju still couldn’t understand why she always had to drop Sahana at the bus stop, while Brijesh enjoyed his morning tea. She longed for a day off, but with new assignment it seems impossible.

Still excited, Sahana said-“Mom, we had a special assembly yesterday on Fast Food. The Grade 7 students did a role-play on how eating junk food like burgers, French fries and drinking coke one could get fat and become sick.”

“Ma, are they that bad?” asked Sahana. Anju could barely nod, still pre-occupied with her thoughts.

“ Ma, what if we have a party at home ?” Sahana said, her face gleaming with happiness.

“Shyama can prepare yummybriyani, green salad with cucumber raita and if you could come home early, we might get a taste of your fresh fruit cream for dessert”.

Before Anjucould say no, Lakshmi, the bus attendant was holdingSahana’s bag and guiding her to the bus.

“Ma, so we will have a Healthy Birthday Party, this year,” shouted Sahana excitedly from the bus window.Anju could not possibly say no…andwaved her hand, confirming yes.

She walked back home with a smile and thinking of an excuse to call off the meeting and trying hard to recollect the ingredients for green salad and fruit cream. A cool breeze blew over her face and the weather seems to change suddenly.

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