Top 5 BOARD games which children (and adults) enjoy

As a child if you have enjoyed playing board games with family and friends, you probably have had your fair share of

Board Gamesing board games with friends or family, correct?

Have you ever wondered what these board games can actually teach players? You would be surprised if you knew the kind of skills and learning that board games can build in you.

Most board games will teach you skills such as waiting for turns, communicating, sharing, bonding and even caring at times! (the way sometimes parents let the little ones have the big win!)

Board games stimulate the brain and while playing them one tends to

  • Analyze, critically reason and apply logic.
  • Anticipate outcomes.
  • Learn from experience.
  • Participate competitively.
  • Improve concentration.


Statutory Warning: You end up having way too much FUN and board games are extremely addictive!

Concepts such as  colour and number recognition, counting, hand-eye co-ordination, building vocabulary etc. are also some of the skills that board games helps one to pick up.

Plenty of board games are available in the market for different age groups. Here are some of the most popular ones-

Chess – A game in which the parameters are changed often and one needs to be alert and plan moves. The game is known to stimulate the brain. Some skills which are sharpened by playing this interesting board game are – problem solving skills, planning, memory. Don’t forget to wear your thinking cap while playing this one!
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Monopoly- This game helps to teach money management skills. Players understand about diversifying their portfolio and also sharpen their negotiation skills. Perfect for your budding Warren Buffet!

Scrabble – Another fun game well enjoyed by players of all ages – Helps to hone language skills and build vocabulary.

Jenga-Anyone will be able to enjoy manipulating this tower of blocks! This popular game promotes hand-eye co-ordination, strategy and most importantly patience!

Boggle – A game which encourages children to pick up spellings and vocabulary. Play it…possibly you may find it mind boggling?!

There are also a host of other fun games for little ones to enjoy – chutes and ladders, Chinese checkers, Ludo etc. So keep that one or two hours a week free for playing these fun games and bonding with your child.


How you can make the little ones smile!

While playing with your children, remember you are also teaching them a lot of life skills – playing fairly, following rules, no cheating are some basic rules parents need to follow, in order to set an example to children. Also kids tend to put their heart and soul into the game and take it seriously. Make them understand the importance of participation and guide them and make them think of ways in which they can plan their win. For really small kids, go ahead and allow them to win a few times, the look of happiness on their face is priceless!