Drawing Is More Than An Art

Drawing-Orc2-1024x768Drawing is a kind of art which develops the creativity, life skills and also enhances emotional intelligence that is IQ in a child. Also, it improves active involvement of right side of the brain.

A child starts to learn drawing from the first impression it makes on walls or floors with pencils, crayons or pen. It is the responsibility of every parent to notice such innate talents in the child and start motivating him or her to participate in the drawing competitions. This art makes the child to think on its own to discover solutions and draw conclusions which in turn develops the problem solving skills in the child. His or her brain aims to explore how and why.

At Orchids The International School in Bangalore, we support and motivate our students to take active participation in various arts including drawing, cut and paste activities of pictures, coloring, etc by conducting special art classes for kids. Many kids at young age get interested in these kinds of activities but lose the interest at the later stage. So, if you tend to see a kid with these types of skills don’t hesitate to encourage them, as your small word may develop a mammoth inspiration in them to become a fine artist.