Learning the Art of Pottery

OR-BlogPost-2-300x293Transforming a clay body into beautiful objects is a daunting task. At Orchids The International School in Mumbai, students got to learn the potter’s way of pottery with so much of fun and excitement. As an introduction to their lesson in English literature called, “The Potter’s Plan”, a demo was specially organized for the children to learn the art of pottery.

Pottery is made simple by the potter with the help of a small potter’s wheel. There were few lessons taught by the potter on:

• The kind of clay used for making pots

• How the pots need to be treated so that it can last long

• How to identify a good pot

• Different sizes of pottery wheels

• The need for designs on the pots

It was really an interactive session between the students and the potter where they were curious to learn more. They got an opportunity to make pots on the potter’s wheel. The children took few pots home after drying. Few children had the chance to try their hands on decorating the pots in art class. At Orchids The International Schools in Mumbai, we encourage the students in different activities to provide an enjoyable learning experience.