Where There’s A Will There’s A Way

kids reading booksRadha was a girl from the village who did not have enough books to read. Worst was her state when she was being educated in the nearest town school and fell in love with books.Her school library would let her borrow a book for the fortnight. But Radha would finish most books overnight, some very thick ones in two or three days. She could forsake her eating, sleeping and bathing too to complete the pages of her book.It was a treasure she possessed for those two or three days.But after that what.She was voraciously reading and needed more, to drawn in from.But then where can her farming family afford to buy books at the rate she was reading. Neither did her village have a library to lend her books. When you don’t behave like the others you are labelled as abnormal. She had a neighbour who would go to college in the same town where she attended school.She watched him carrying a pile of books on the carrier of his bicycle.She was pleased with what she saw.In the evening she went to her neighbour’s home with a handful of freshly plucked guavas and offered it to him.In lieu she asked for his books. The young college goer was more than relieved to give away his books as he had no charm in them.But he mentioned that once a year he would need them before he appeared for his examination. Without access to child appropriate books she took to the short stories, novels, history and sociology of the intermediate student. Every year she would read her college going neighbours syllabus texts.

She even worked out a beautiful plan with her classmates all 50 of them from her class.None of them wished to read the entire book or needed the fortnight to complete the book. So they lend their books to her. Some right on the first day, some towards the middle and some towards the end of the week. Radha had never been happier than this. She had a continuous supply of books.

Gradually as Radha grew up her village and most of the townfolks knew about her love for books.Now,students of the school or college and at times elders stopped disposing their old books and rather left it at her doorstep.

Radha certainly did complete her education but runs a library from the veranda of her old house. Her stocks are replenished by people’s throw away books and helps sustain a love affair of her and several other poor readers’ like her, with books.

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