Indian Independence Day Celebration

BlogPost-1-Aug-19-300x243It is quite natural for any student to count the number of holidays in a month. Though Independence Day is one of the Indian National holidays, schools instill the seed of independent India in a myriad of ways by gathering them on that special occasion. At Orchids The International School in Mumbai, students were geared up to invoke the strongest and deepest feelings of national pride and patriotism towards our country on 15th August 2013. We believe in a bond which is stronger than blood, “Vande Mataram”, a strong belief that holds every Indian together.

Our little Orchidians were dressed up in tri-coloured clothes, representing the future generation to uphold India’s sovereignty and integrity. It was a great sight to see some of our students dressed in attire of National heroes to take part in Independence day. The multi-talented Orchidians from pre-primary and primary section showcased their talents by delivering inspiring speeches and a dance performance. The blooming Orchidians were all present in the morning to see the Indian flag waving in the air majestically. The look of pride in the children’s eyes was worth to capture till the end of the Independence Day’s celebration at Orchids The International School in Mumbai.