Yeh Jo Desh Hai Mera!


It was the 15th of August.Sheena was ecstatic. She had won the scholarship program to Camron University and she had to join by next week. Winning the scholarship meant a lot to her and that two of her close friends had also won it along with her made her extremely happy. The outing today was a celebration actually. Celebration because she had topped in her exams and was going to join a University of her choice. She knew that she eventually would be placed in a good job there itself and would earn big money.

On the way to the pizza joint where she was to meet her friends, Sheena wanted to meet her brother’s friend Arnav who had graduated from the same University and was working now. When she reached Arnav’s house, she saw him with three to four friends. They seemed to be engaged in a discussion. Sheena decided to wait. She could hear bits and pieces of the conversation.

This will help connect with the retailers. The process is fairly streamlined now.”

Arnav was nodding his head and looking at the computer screen. He turned and spotted Sheena and called out to her.

“Congratulations Sheena. I heard you got the scholarship. “

Thanks Arnav, in fact I wanted to speak to you about it and get some details. By the way is this your new project?” she asked,pointing to the screen. “How long is your stay in India?”

Sheena, I am going to be working on this new project of mine now at least for the next 5-6 years. I will be here in India till that time. Would you like to see my project?

Arnav showed Sheena his current project on how he was helping farmers of Bouni village to sell their produce online through a channel he had developed. It was helping to eliminate the middlemen in the process and thereby reduce their commissions. It enabled farmers to get more profit while bridging the gap between farmers and buyers. She could see the kind of blessed, positive impact this process had on the farmers. Sheena was totally in awe of Arnav.Arnav then went on to give information about the University and the facilities, life in campus etc. Sheena knew in the back of her mind that Arnav had quit his high profile job and was working in India out of a keen sense of responsibility to the country. She could only respect him.

She started reflecting on her own thoughts and decisions. It was all well to go abroad and study. It was another thing to come back to our country after equipping ourselves and work towards the development of our Motherland. That would add meaning to the legacy our great leaders who fought for Freedom left behind for us.When Sheena’s friends met her, they found her very thoughtful and pre-occupied. Sheena shared her thoughts with her friends. It was time to start thinking and acting…



Our country has and is still facing the problem of brain drain. It is upto us, the citizens of India to set an example and nurture our children to appreciate and take pride in this great Nation of ours. It is time we paid back our country and encourage our children to do the same.

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