10 ways to encourage a healthy sibling relationship

Having a sibling is like living together with a BFF under the same roof. While a sibling is a blessing, that is not the same case during childhood. In this phase, they fight a lot and get several possessiveness issues between them. As a parent or an elder in the household, it is your responsibility to build a healthy relationship among them. It is important to form a strong basement to their relationship in the upcoming many years of life together. So, let us now know the top 10 ways to encourage a healthy sibling relationship. 

Tips for parents to manage sibling rivalry

1. Do not compare:

This is the most important practice to be implemented for healthy sibling relationships. Comparing one child with the other leads to the creation of inferiority or superiority between them. This might become a toxic attribute in the future. Thus, it is important to avoid comparison.

2. Communicate:

Communication is the key. Make sure to use the right words because dealing with siblings is a very sensitive task. Always make sure there exists a good communication between you and the kids and also, between the kids as well. It is your duty to check if they are any rivalries between them.

3. Set rules:

There definitely has to be some ground rules. These rules will keep the kids in control without crossing their limits. Also, let them understand that breaking these rules will lead to some punishment. Do not have the punishment to be in a bad way either. Give them healthy punishments without affecting their mental health. Thus, by setting some basics rules to be followed, they can be made to bond with their siblings.

4. Be a listener:

Whenever there is a fight between them, please don’t wave it off. Sit and listen to what they have to say. Let them both explain their perspectives. This way, you are giving them assurance. So, they don’t fight further and comes to you to solve the problem. Any healthy relationship is built by listening and communicating together.

5. Play it fair:

Treating all your kids the same way is actually not the right thing to do. Every child has some special needs and each of them has their own pace. You understand them and bond with them accordingly. Only when you yourself understand them, you can work on the relationship between them.

6. Shower your love:

Love your kids so much and let them see how much you love them. Never let them feel left out and make them feel wanted all the time. Engage with them and deal with rich positive vibes from you. This not only will have a positive aspect of their behaviour but also their attitude towards others. Mainly, their siblings.

7. Teach them respect:

Good manners are taught to children in the early days itself. It is equally important to teach them to treat everyone with respect. While they are taught this, they automatically make it a habit to respect everyone. Therefore, the children respect each other and jealousy will be kept at a distance. This behavior will make them good friends from childhood.

8. Don’t interfere:

While it is important to solve their problems, there are some instances where it is better not to interfere. Also, this would make them solve their own problems by themselves. If you do not see the fight getting worsening, it is better that you are not involved in it. Eventually, they will learn by themselves to solve the misunderstandings between them.

9. Help them understand:

It is much needed to make them understand the importance of the sibling relationship. They must be taught how to behave with each other. They must understand that the siblings should stand together and not against each other. We can’t expect kids to behave properly with their brother or sister without us teaching all this.

10. Give individual space:

Although it is important for them to bond and be together, do not obsess over it. Give them their individual space. This private space is much needed for them to rest and be themselves. Also, this will be their preferred place to do their activities in private. For example, homework, dance practice, etc.

Thus, these are the 10 ways to encourage a healthy sibling relationship. Follow these tips and give your kids the best life they deserve to live. A parent should make it their priority to teach the right way to behave with their kids. I wish you all happy parenting!

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