No matter how many qualities a child possesses, if they aren’t presented well, they’re never recognized. We are bringing a new zeal to the culture of Public Speaking. By perfecting the Public Speaking Skills of our students, ORCHIDS The International School is building leaders of the next generation.

Our curriculum includes :

These activities initially focus on familiarizing a child step by step to public speaking, later on engaging them in the rigorous practice of the same. For every grade, we have specially prepared assessments as well as weekly and monthly curriculums

Early Years Program(EYP)
The assessments for students of Grade K1, K2, include analyzing their

to understand whether the child is able to understand and act on questions portrayed to him/her.
Similarly, for Grades I, II & III, two additional areas of analyses are added:

These assessments help us analyze how much a child is able to understand, how he/she is responding. After a proper analysis of each child, they are provided with an appropriate curriculum schedule.


We are grooming the students to be the best versions of themselves, and develop a personality that leaves a mark wherever they go. Assessments for Primary Grades of IV & V are based on the following parameters:

Through this curriculum, we aim to engrave in each of them self-confidence, a clear sense of grammar and pronunciation, and an advanced level of conversational skills.