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Admission Enquiry 2023-24

A Journey To A Better Future Begins With Us


For any student who wishes to join ORCHIDS, the school admission process is laid out in a stepwise manner.


School Brochure/ Prospectus

Check out the latest activities and updates of our school branches through our School brochures. Click on the link below to download.

ORCHIDS Brochure Early Year Programme Brochure
Academic Philosophy Brochure

Our Academic brochure comprises everything that you wish to know about our curriculum. We believe in “Shaping minds, Touching lives, Building Second Homes”.

Along with academic excellence, we also lay a strong emphasis on personality development and employ a number of innovative ways to inculcate strong values, building responsible individuals, and future-ready global citizens. Request your copy of our academic brochure now.

Sharper Brochure


The step-by-step process involved in the admission process.

ORCHIDS The International School is one of India’s leading CBSE schools. We understand your dilemma of going through a tedious online admission process and have designed a few simple steps to complete the school admission procedure.

Step 1: Parents fill the Enquiry Form on our website, choosing the branch of their preference.

Step 2: Upon submission of the Enquiry Form, the parents receive communication regarding their location and contact details for the next steps.

Step 3: Our school counselor will connect with the parent over call and share information about the school. fee structure, virtual counseling or phone counseling, campus visit, etc.

Step 4: The parent is then requested to purchase the Admission/Application Kit worth Rs. 200 from School Admission Application Form

Step 5: Parents are then requested to submit the Application Form for their child’s school admission with all necessary documents.

Step 6: If the admission is for Grade 6 and above, the child has to undergo an online Baseline Assessment Test.

Step 7: Parents can confirm the admission by paying Rs. 11,300/- (Registration amount - Rs.1300/- and Admission Blocking amount - Rs. 10,000/-).

Step 8: The child enrollment number is generated and the admission process successfully comes to an end.

Schedule your appointment

You can set your appointment to visit your nearest ORCHIDS branch by filling the following form.
Once you have filled the form, our admission cell will reach out to you with your set visit day and time.

Schedule Campus Visit

Please Note

BLA (Baseline Assessment Test) - Before any other proceedings, there will be a Baseline Assessment Test for students of all age groups (except-Early Years Programme).

Request a Prospectus - To download a digital copy of our brochure, please click here. Alternatively, you can request a copy to be sent out to your home by filling in the FORM below.


Gone are the days where only high payers would get the best quality education. ORCHIDS brings to your child an opportunity to experience the academic curriculum with the latest and unique philosophies, all of it in numbers that might just surprise you. For more inquiries regarding the fee structure for your child’s grade, fill out the form below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.


Now paying your child’s fee is no more trouble. We bring to you the option of ONLINE FEE PAYMENT. Now Parents can log in and complete the long and tiring task within a few minutes.


Feel free to contact our admission cell for any inquiries regarding your ward’s nursery admission or any higher grades admission. You can contact your nearest branch directly for more details.


ORCHIDS ensures an easy and convenient method to help parents with the online admission process. Parents need to fill the application form and our school counselor will get in touch with them for the next steps.

The admission procedure involves some simple steps:

  1. Parents need to fill the inquiry form on the school website.
  2. The school counselor gets in touch with the parents and assists them with the next steps.
  3. Parents then need to purchase the Application Kit.
  4. Submission of the Application form and necessary documents.
  5. If admission is for Grade 6 and above, the child has to undergo an Online Baseline Assessment Test.
  6. Parents can then confirm admission by paying the registration fee and Admission Blocking amount.
  7. When parents pay the fee in full, an enrollment number is generated and the admission process comes to a close.

With the mission to provide your child with a holistic, 360° development, most of the Orchids International Schools follow an integrated curriculum that is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

We know how concerned a parent can be for their child. To encourage parent-teacher interaction, parents can schedule a meeting with the teacher with a prior appointment.

At Orchids International School, our mission is to ensure learning never stops. In times of pandemic, we conduct live online classes for our students.

  1. For pre-primary, classes are for 3 hours every day;
  2. For grades 1- 5 classes are scheduled for 5 hours every day;
  3. For secondary school, classes take place for about 4-5 hours every day.

Only if your child needs to take admission from grade 6 to grade 10 will they need to appear for an online Baseline Assessment Test. Otherwise, for LKG admissions and nursery admissions, there is no requirement for the Baseline Assessment Test.

ORCHIDS celebrates every child. We have a unique inclusion philosophy and a Special Education Team which cater to children with specialized needs. You can know more here.

For information related to ORCHIDS, you can reach out to us at or call us at (+91) 8424041424. We will be more than happy to help you. You can call us at 8888888999 to schedule a campus visit with our school counselor.