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Orchids The International School - Bengaluru

Karnataka has always been considered to be the knowledge state of India. This is why students from all over India and the world choose to go to its capital city, Bangalore, for its national, international, and professional level education. There are a number of premium CBSE international schools in Bangalore.

Orchids The International School stands out from the crowd as one of the Top CBSE Schools in Bangalore. We employ the strategy of imparting knowledge with the use of both modern and indigenous methodologies. Due to our unique approach to education, we have been honored with several awards from both the Times Education survey and the prestigious Asian Education Leadership Awards committee and rank among the best CBSE schools in Bangalore and in the entire nation as well.

Counted among the best CBSE International schools in Bangalore we have maintained our name and reputation not just by being a good CBSE school but with extra curriculum facilities to help them grow not just in academics but in sports and creativity and assuring safety and stress free environment for our students.

Being at the top makes us even more dedicated to empowering our students with a 360-degree holistic development. We do this with fun, innovative techniques such as visualization, interactive 3D modules, and quizzes. Alongside overall development, we also emphasize the security of our students. To ensure that they are never in danger, we have:

  1. Around the clock monitoring of the CBSE school premises
  2. High definition CCTV cameras
  3. We have dedicated supervisors who are always vigilant.

Such concerns also led us to be one of the best schools at Bangalore. We are widely spread across all the major cities in the country and hence we are not only best International CBSE schools near Bangalore but with 35+ branches, we are recognised as one of the best schools at bangalore and of India as well.

We, being the best CBSE international schools in Bangalore, are proud to provide our students with a safe learning environment that helps them excel on campus. We are one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore and invite you to visit our campus irrespective of your residential area, we are always near you.

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An entrance test is usually not required for admissions in the lower classes in our schools in Bangalore. However, the school may conduct a baseline assessment test for students who seek admission in class 6 or higher as they need to know if the child has the basic knowledge qualify for the class

We try our best to keep the student-teacher ratio of our classrooms at 20:1. This ensures that teachers can give the students the attention they need to do well in the class.

Our Bangalore branch of Orchids, the International School, has a world-class infrastructure that encourages students to participate in several extra-curricular activities. This campus features large football fields, basketball courts, swimming pools, and much more. Students are trained in taekwondo for self-defense.

Experts at Orchids, the International School, have designed a novel teaching methodology called “SHARPER” followed by Orchids schools all over the country. Parents can find more information about this method on our admissions page.