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Orchids The International School, Horamavu

Orchids the International School, located near the Horamavu Assembly Constitution Congress, stands apart among the other schools in Horamavu , which can be attributed to the educational Philosophy it propagates, which is an eclectic and meticulous mix of Western Pedagogies and Indian academic systems. Aiming at the holistic development of children, the School has developed its own innovative educational methods, catering to the needs and requirements of children.

SHARPER, the in-built educational Philosophy, developed by Orchids, intends to inculcated values like Self- discipline, hard work, Research, Physical fitness etc In children. Among the schools in Horamavu , the school has found its own space, mostly due to its approaches towards education. As one of the better known CBSE Schools in Horamavu , the school has successfully tried to bridge the gap between academic and extracurricular activities, as it is equipped with world-class infrastructure, which is conducive to better and efficient learning.

The School aims to make education an interesting and entertaining activity, thus stimulating and channelizing the intellectual capabilities of children. Orchids, regarded as one of the foremost CBSE schools in Horamavu , strive to blend theoretical knowledge with real-life experiences by arranging field trips and give children exposure to practical activities. Following hands- on learning approach, aided by visual aids and special kits, the School has soared high in to the horizon of the well-reputed CBSE Schools in Horamavu .

As one of the best Schools in Horamavu , the school offers world-class education at an affordable fee structure, thus making education accessible to everyone. Some of its hallmarks include its stress on the holistic development of the students, The EYP Program etc. Apart from that, hoping to make children adapt better in a world of advanced technologies, we have incorporated Robotics as part of the curriculum. This has put us in good stead as one of the best schools in Horamavu .


Academic Excellence - Best International Schools in Chickpet, Bangalore

Academic Excellence

Inter and Intra Orchids Olympiads from Primary Grades( Junior Ramanujam, Junior Einstein etc. )

 Hands On Learning - Best International Schools in Chickpet, Bangalore

Hands on Learning

Science, Maths, Play school kits for individual child

Public Speaking Program - Best International Schools in Chickpet, Bangalore

Public Speaking Program

Starts from LKG with 3 periods a week

Libray Programme - Best International Schools in Chickpet, Bangalore

Library / Reading Program

To inculcate reading habits from preschool stage

Best International School

Health & Nutrition Program

Health assessment for child well being

Sports - Best International Schools in Chickpet


Sports curriculum which focuses on motor skills at early stage and skills development in later stages

 Dance Curriculum - Best International Schools in Chickpet, Bangalore


Dance Curriculum which focuses on child's personality development and social skills

Music Curriculum - Best International Schools in Chickpet, Bangalore


Music Curriculum in collaboration with Furtado's School of Music ( Piano, Guitar etc.)