ORCHIDS The International School, Mysore Road

ORCHIDS The International School is one of the few schools in Mysore Road (CBSE Affiliation No: 830678) to use accelerated learning techniques and has been unstoppably excelling in the education world with some National Toppers in its achievements. The school leaves no stone unturned in giving the best and setting up some pioneering standard for other schools.

Central Academic and Research Team (CART) functions proficiently in designing the right curriculum that serves to the overall aspect in a child for a holistic development. A unique academic philosophy ‘SHARPER Theory’ is the important module on which the curriculum is designed.

For the better understanding of the sounds and phonics, in-house decodable books called ‘Sound Crackers’ are provided, which enhances the reading art in a child using the multi-sensory phonetic method. With every effort, the school strives continuously with the mission to build leaders of tomorrow.