ORCHIDS The International School, Nagarbhavi

ORCHIDS The International Schools is one of the few schools in Nagarbhavi (CBSE Affiliation No: 830694) to use digital learning techniques.
Founded in the year 1996, ORCHIDS The International School is dedicated to providing the quality education with the best-in-class infrastructure that accelerates the overall development in a student.

Central Academic and Research Team (CART), a proficient team is responsibly taking part in designing the distinguished curriculum catering to students at different levels that include EYP, Primary and Secondary. Our very own curriculum that follows the CART’s unique philosophy ‘SHARPER Theory’ gears up the learning experience for the students with amiable teaching methodologies.

Our entire proceedings are directed in such a way that allows us to inhibit academic and athletic attitude in the children studying at ORCHIDS, Nagarbhavi (CBSE Affiliation No: 830694).