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Welcome to Orchids The International School, Yelahanka

Best School In Yelahanka, Bangalore

ORCHIDS The International School, located in the heart of Yelahanka, a city with archaeological significance for its connection to the Indus Valley Civilization, is a leading institution in the country. As the top school in Yelahanka, ORCHIDS The International School is renowned for its exceptional amenities, well-designed curriculum, and strict safety protocols, creating an environment that nurtures students' holistic development. Our Yelahanka campus is the latest addition to our network of over 90 schools in 25+ cities across India, impacting the lives of over 75,000 students.

At ORCHIDS The International School, we strive to provide a comprehensive education through innovative teaching methods and advanced facilities. Our SHARPER educational philosophy is a pioneering concept in India that emphasizes the development of essential life skills such as self-control, critical thinking, and physical fitness.

We firmly believe that education should be an enjoyable and interactive experience, where students learn important concepts through hands-on activities. Our highly qualified faculty members, coming from different parts of India, bring their diverse expertise and enrich our students' practical education. ORCHIDS The International School leads the way in providing a world-class education to Yelahanka students.

Our 5 Core Foundational Values Which Shape our Value System -

  1. Safe campus
  2. Personalized attention
  3. Best-in-class infrastructure
  4. Academic excellence
  5. Holistic development

Orchids is not just another CBSE or ICSE school in india. It is your child's second home.
Zero Compromise on safety

ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab


ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

Trusted Staff

ORCHIDS The International School's computer lab

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Why choose Orchids The International School , Yelahanka

Why choose Orchids The International School Sarjapur Road over others?

The exceptional educational programs at ORCHIDS The International School provide an extraordinary learning experience, setting it apart from others. The school's state-of-the-art infrastructure and exemplary teaching methods seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary approaches. Interactive and collaborative learning is the cornerstone of the institution's philosophy, creating a stimulating and engaging environment for students. Consequently, students receive a comprehensive education that goes beyond academic excellence, emphasizing the development of critical thinking abilities and life skills.

  • Faculty with diverse industry experience
  • International opportunities for students
  • Top-class infrastructure
  • Opportunity to meet peers across different divisions and cultures

What Makes Orchids The International School Stand Out From The Competition

Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore, ORCHIDS The International School is a prominent school that strives to pioneer innovation in education. Our classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, surpassing the standard curriculum, to provide our students with the most current tools and resources. Our objective is to enable our students to excel in an ever-evolving world.

Orchids The International School distinguishes itself from the competition through its exceptional educational programs that provide an extraordinary learning experience. Its state-of-the-art infrastructure and exemplary teaching methods seamlessly blend traditional and contemporary approaches, creating a unique educational environment for its students. The institution's philosophy prioritizes interactive and collaborative learning, creating a stimulating and engaging learning experience for students. This approach results in a holistic education that goes beyond academic excellence, emphasizing the development of critical thinking and life skills, which prepares students to succeed in today's competitive world.

Fee Structure for yelahanka 2023-24

Grade Admission Fee Installment 1 Installment 2 Installment 3 Net Academic Fee
Nursery 10000 35200 26400 26400 88000
LKG-K1 10000 36400 27300 27300 91000
UKG-K2 10000 37200 27900 27900 93000
Grade I 11000 39600 29700 29700 99000
Grade II 11000 40800 30600 30600 102000
Grade III 11000 41600 31200 31200 104000
Grade IV 11000 42400 31800 31800 106000
Grade V 16000 43200 32400 32400 108000
Grade VI 16000 50000 37500 37500 125000
Grade VII 16000 54800 41100 41100 137000
Grade VIII 16000 56000 42000 42000 140000
  • EMI facility available without additional charges
  • Contact counsellor for various concessions : Early Bird, Single Mother, Sibling & One Time Academic Fee Payment
  • Other Charges - Registration Fees , Books , Stationary and Transportations
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FAQ’s Related To Schools in Yelahanka

Yes, many international schools in Yelahanka offer online admissions, allowing students to easily complete the application form, upload essential documents, and pay the admission fee through the school's website.

The policy on private Class 10 exams may vary among international schools and countries. It's recommended to check with the school administration to understand their stance on this matter.

ORCHIDS The International School typically maintains a student-teacher ratio of 1:25. This ensures that each student receives individual attention and personalized guidance from their teachers.

The annual fees for international schools in Yelahanka vary based on several factors, including the school's reputation, facilities, and infrastructure. The fees can range from a few thousand to several lakhs per year.

ORCHIDS The International School's usual schedule is from 8:30 am to 3:30 pm, Monday to Friday, with a half-day on Saturdays. However, school hours may vary by class and day.