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How Are Clouds Formed?

How Are Clouds Formed?

Have you ever wondered where the water goes when you hang your clothes to dry? Or How do clouds float in the air when they carry tons of water? Why the well gets dry slowly in the summer season? Do the birds drink the water when you keep water for them? You may have questions like these in your mind. Similarly, kids think of “Why and How”. When your kids have any doubts, you can clarify them on the spot by explaining them. 

Seasons always depend upon the atmosphere. Kids always have questions about the weather and the climate because sometimes they cannot understand why it is raining or foggy outside. In this article, you will find the critical concept of clouds: How are clouds formed? Kids can understand the environment and atmosphere around them with this simple explanation.

Definition of Clouds

Clouds are a critical part of weather and climate. It is a mass of water drops suspended in the atmosphere. It forms when water condenses in the sky.

How Are Clouds Formed?

Clouds form due to evaporation and condensation. Due to sunlight, the water on the earth’s surface evaporates and ascends into the atmosphere. The water vapour in the air condenses to form tiny droplets after reaching a certain height. These water droplets gather to form clouds, which float in the air.

Formation of Clouds

How Does Rain Form in Clouds?

As we learned, the water in clouds is made up of tiny water droplets. When those droplets collect more water, they turn into large droplets. Those large droplets come downward in the form of rain because gravity causes them to fall. When the temperature is lower, the water becomes snow instead. Clouds can also cause freezing rain; it happens when the snow melts to the ground but then gets colder again. Rain and snow move around in the sky, causing them to get colder and turn into ice. Then ice chunks get bigger, causing hail storms.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Short Answer for How Are Clouds Formed?

Answer: In the presence of sunlight, water on the earth’s surface evaporates and rises with the hot air. The air gets cool at a particular height from the earth’s surface, and the water vapour condenses to form tiny droplets. This process creates clouds.

2) What is Evaporation?

Answer: Evaporation is one of the primary steps in the global water cycle. It is the process by which a liquid turns into gas.

3) What is Condensation?

Answer: The conversion of a vapour or gas to a liquid is called condensation. In condensation, the matter changes its stage, i.e., water vapour becomes liquid. It happens in two ways: either the air is cool at its dew point, or it becomes soaked with water vapour that it cannot hold any more water.

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