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National Symbols of India with Names

National Symbols of India with Names

Except for academics, Indian parents want their kids to learn about the cultures and languages of their country. India is famous for its unique culture and traditions, but most importantly, it is famous for its national symbols. In this article, we will explore the national symbols of India for kids with pictures of national symbols.

What is the National Symbol?

Every nation has a unique symbol representing its people, state, or any entity in the world as a national community. A national symbol also conveys significant meaning, such as a country’s history, values, culture, tradition, and morals.

Importance of National Symbols

The National symbols of India have been chosen to present the country in the most favourable light. It reflects the culture, beliefs, and positive traits frequently associated with Indian ancestry. The national flower of India, the Lotus, represents spirituality and the purity of the heart and mind, whereas the national tree of our country, the Banyan tree, represents immortality. Royal Bengal Tiger, the country’s national animal, represents power, bravery, and courage, while India’s national bird, Peacock, represents its royal grace and unsurpassed natural beauty.

How many National Symbols are there in India?

There is a total of 17 symbols of India. It shows the beauty of the nation in different ways. Here you will find the national symbols of India with names and images.

List of National Symbols of India

National EmblemLion Capital of Ashoka
National AnthemJana-Gana-Mana
National FlowerLotus
National BirdPeacock
National Aquatic AnimalGanga River Dolphin
National AnimalRoyal Bengal Tiger
National SongVande Mataram
National FruitMango
National CurrencyIndian Rupee
National GameHockey
National Heritage AnimalIndian Elephant
National TreeIndian Banyan
National RiverGanga
National FlagTiranga
National VegetablePumpkin
National PledgeOath of Allegiance
National CalenderSaka Calendar


National symbols are innate to Indian identity and heritage. A nationwide symbol quickly shows the identity of a nation by which people can recognise entities used to represent the country. Symbols make it easy to identify any organisation, state, or country. Indians are proud of these national symbols as they permeate a sense of pride and patriotism in every Indian’s heart.

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