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CBSE Exam Preparation : Follow These 10 Strategies for Excellent Results!


Divya Chopra





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CBSE Board Exams 2021 – Cancelled or Postponed?

“Have exams been canceled?” “Are the exams postponed?” “Should we continue our exam preparations?” Every student appearing for board exams in India is struggling to find a concrete answer to these questions. Since the second wave of Coronavirus hit the nation, the education ministry, CBSE, ICSE, and respective State Boards have yet again been put in a dilemma – to board or not to board?

Whether board exams will be held or not is not in your hands, but your exam preparation is. Your parents must be telling you to “continue with your exam preparations” and we agree. But we also know that you have been preparing for it for months now and have probably covered the entire syllabus. It’s time for your strategy to prepare for board exams to be altered. 

With all schools and institutions shut, you require a new action plan to help you prepare for, what is considered, one of the most important exams of life!

Follow these 10 Strategies to Ace your Board Exams

  1. A quick revision – Go through important learning concepts of main subjects such as Science, Math and Social Science (or social studies). Conceptual learning helps you to explain your points better, even for the trickiest of questions asked. A quick recap of all the core concepts will help you analyze your learning progress too. 
  2. Prioritize lessons – With more than 8 subjects, each one having at least 8 chapters – it’s not feasible to go through all the chapters one by one in continuation. Therefore, you must make a priority list for all the chapters that require most attention and the ones that require the least. This will help you sort out chapters from each subject. 
  3. Important questions – Every chapter has a couple of questions which you simply cannot avoid reading again and again. Why? Simply because they are the most important ones. Thoroughly go through these questions and if possible, write down their answers too. This will help you understand what points you need to include in your answer and the ones you can eliminate. 
  4. Fix a time – You do not need to study the entire day to score well in CBSE board exams. In fact, that can become quite difficult for you to increase concentration while studying. Fix a time daily which you will utilise to study and revise dedicatedly! This will enhance your focus and also give your brain the much needed time to relax and reboot!
  5. Solved question papers – To understand which questions came up in the last year(s) and the answer writing pattern incorporated for them, you will get an idea how to write your answers to get the best result. Your points may be extremely valid but if you don’t know how to frame your answer, your efforts won’t be fruitful. Scanning through previous years solved question papers will give you the most appropriate idea to present your answers.
  1. Unsolved question papers – You can access various unsolved papers of past years for almost all subjects online. Set a time and solve each question based on the answer writing pattern observed in the solved papers. This can be a great practice or mock test for you to judge your own understanding of not just your knowledge but also your answer writing techniques!
  2. Current year’s papers – Once you have tested yourself with the help of the previous year’s papers, it’s time to solve model papers for the same year as your year of examination. For example, if you are about to sit for the CBSE board exam 2021, you can find subject-wise model test papers for it online. This is a great way to see which questions are given importance over others and which section of the paper is relatively easier to solve!
  3. Time yourself – Board exams are all about time management. And so it becomes crucial for you to check the amount of time taken for each question, both long and short answer types. Based on your timing, you can then make moderations of your answers and trim them if required. This does not happen by solving just one paper, you need to practice it at least three times for each subject paper.
  1. Analyze and act – Once you have completed your test papers within the stipulated time, you should self-check it to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Areas that require more effort should be marked for improvement. At the same time, taking note of your strengths is just as important. It motivates you to convert your pain points into action points in your next attempt!
  2. Get clarity – Any subject, any chapter, any concept – unless it is crystal clear to you, do not move ahead. Be it your peers, friends or teachers – you will observe that once your doubts are cleared, the quality of your answers will improve magically. 


Examinations may give you a hard time, only if you let it. You have worked hard all these months and hard work always pays off! You just need a little push and the right strategies to plan out your exam preparation. By following these 10 strategies for CBSE exams, your results will surely beat both CBSE and ICSE results of the past year! 

P.S : Remember, only a fit body and mind can excel in life be it studies, sports or any other activity. You must hydrate yourself and eat a healthy diet to keep your brain working in the right direction. 

All the best!

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