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CBSE Previous Year’s Question Papers

CBSE Previous Year’s Question Papers

Exams are a mystery for students as they don’t know what’s in store for them. While some students fear the very thought of writing an exam, some students consider it no less than a competition. There’s no short cut to prepare for any exam and the reality is if you have to clear any exam, you have to study smart and prepare well.

One of the smartest ways to prepare for any exam is to follow a timetable and give time to every subject. Another smartest thing to do is to read and understand the previous year’s exam papers. While it’s a fact that every exam is not the same and authorities tinker with the exam pattern and questions every year, the basic premise remains the same. Going through the previous year’s papers give you a general idea about the exam format and kinds of questions that will appear.

There’s an old saying that if you don’t know the battlefield, you’ll never win the battle. And this theory holds good for the CBSE exam as well. For clearing the upcoming CBSE 10th exam, you need to know the exam pattern.

Techniques for Using Past Papers

One of the most important parts of any exam preparation is to go through the previous year’s papers. The best practice is to look at the last five year papers. You can solve the papers completely or look at bits and pieces at topics of your interest, the choice is entirely yours. If you are preparing topic wise, look at the questions about that topic and prepare well. Once you are thorough, move to the next topic and find the questions about that topic in all the five years and work on them. This way, you are not only understanding the whole topic but are also preparing for the important questions. This technique can be very helpful in for preparing the CBSE 10th exam.

Advantages of Using Past Papers

While you’ve started preparing for the exam, you must revise your syllabus rather quickly so that you can have time for revisions and solving mock tests or previous papers. This way you get a general idea of the upcoming exam as well as get a hold on the important topics of a particular subject. Previous year’s exam papers give you an approximate idea of the number of questions and the choices that are available. It also gives you an idea of which topic will get more coverage. Another advantage of solving previous year’s papers helps with effectively managing the time.

This blog is meant to give you the benefits and links to past question papers.

1.           Reduces Stress

One good way to reduce exam-related stress is to take a look and solve previous year papers as it helps with gaining an understanding of the questioning pattern and helps them prepare well. The previous year’s question paper will give you an actual overview of the paper pattern such as types of questions asked, marks distribution, long answer types, short answer types, mostly asked topics and others.

2.           Helps With Preparation

While previous year’s papers may or may not be based on the latest syllabus prescribed by the board, they may, however, give you an idea about repetitive topics and questions. This way you can prepare well for frequently asked questions or important questions that carry high marks.

3.           Best Reliable Source of Practise

From a practical point of view, the previous year’s question papers are essential for exam preparation. You have heard “Practise makes a man perfect” and the more you practice, the better you get. As you solve the old papers, you will be able to eliminate your chances of attempting the wrong answer. You improve your writing and thinking speeds, while also improving your time management skills. You will also learn techniques that are best for you. By solving the previous year’s papers, you also realize that many questions are common across the years, so, you know what is important and what to ignore.

4.           Quick Self Evaluation

Solving previous years’ question papers shows the level of your preparation. Self-evaluation is a crucial ingredient for any exam preparation. It helps you learn from the mistakes that you do while solving these papers and helps you in determining the strategy that you should follow while continuing the preparation.

5.           Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

Another benefit that you gain from solving the previous year’s question paper is it helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to improve.

6.           Helps in Revision

While you have worked hard on studying, how do you gauge your preparedness? Previous year’s papers help you analyze your preparedness level.

We have attached the papers for the last five years for important subjects. You can download these and start preparing for the exam.


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