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CBSE Launches Reading Challenge for Classes 6 to 10 Students to Promote Reading Literacy

CBSE Launches Reading Challenge for Classes 6 to 10 Students to Promote Reading Literacy

The Central Board of Secondary Education has developed a unique CBSE reading challenge 2022. Students in classes 6-10 are eligible for this unique reading literacy programme. The CBSE reading challenge for the academic session 2022-23 will take place in Hindi and English. Two different levels will be there. One is for CBSE classes 6-7, and the other is for CBSE classes 8-10. 

What Will Be the Last Date for CBSE Reading Challenge Registration? 

Students of classes 6-10 are invited to participate in this Challenge. The schools will be responsible for registering students for the first stage until November 25. 

Every affiliated school has to nominate and register ten students for the second stage/round, the English version of the Challenge. 

What Are the Benefits of the CBSE Reading Challenge? 

The motto of this reading challenge by CBSE is to engage participants with various stimulants and focus on the ability to read with comprehension and accuracy. They can only construct meaning by retrieving information, relating text with their previous knowledge and integrating data. 

What Are the Fees for CBSE English Reading Challenge Registration?

Students do not have to pay any fees to participate in the event. There will be two rounds for reading content. One will be within the school, and the other will be interschool. 

What Happens After the Registration?

After registering for the reading challenge CBSE, a reading challenge paper with reading tasks will come to the registered CBSE schools on November 28. The scoring criteria will be mentioned there. The schools must organise the Challenge for the registered students between November 28 and November 30. Then, they must choose ten students, two from class 6 to 10. The choice would be strictly based on their performance. The school will be responsible for registering the identified students for round 2 on the CBSE website from 1st to 16th December. 

When Will the Second Round of the Cbse Reading Challenge Take Place?

All the selected students must start buckling up as the final round of the Challenge will be a computer-based reading challenge and take place between the 19th to 30th of December. 

So, all the students will have excellent reading ability and start polishing their reading skills. Your Challenge would be tricky as it will be an all-India event.

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