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A Simple Guide to CBSE Skill Education


Urja Zaveri





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The world around us is changing rapidly, it is important to develop a link between education and the real world. Have you ever wondered how self-reliant your child actually is? Do you think your child is well-versed with essential life skills to face the world?
Think about it!
The growth and development of your kid can be made possible by keeping all aspects of their personality in mind. This is the reason why life skill education plays a vital role in everyone’s life. It gives strength to face any type of situation and imparts courage to face struggle to achieve any goal. Therefore, the CBSE Department of Skill Education has brought about skill subjects even to kids from classes VI-VIII.

Definition and Understanding of Life Skill Education

There are a multitude of definitions to understand what life skills are.
An individual needs certain social and personal skills to interact with others and make decisions. They also need to be able to find solutions to various problems. Examples of life skills comprise critical thinking, problem-solving, self-reflection, interpersonal and relationship skills, empathy, effective communication skills, etc.

Why Skill-Based Education is Important?

Do you know in this 21st century, not only education but skill is also the most important? It is significant to teach skill-based education to children from an early age as it brings positive effects in their life and also is the need of the hour. Skill development as a component of school education is indeed significant to building a strong foundation for a thriving future.

Advantages of Skill Development in Schools

1. Introducing skill-based training will aid weak students to be academically strong.
2. Skill-based education will aid develop skills like communication and networking.
3. Skill development programs will aid to recognize and develop the talents of the pupils.
4. Apart from it, the introduction of skill development programs and skill-based education for the pupils will aid them to learn employability skills.
5. Introducing skill development and skill-based education to the pupils will aid them to get an understanding of diverse career options.

What is CBSE Skill Education?

Importance of Skill Education in School

The education is imparted to the students by the teachers as directed by CBSE. CBSE annually provides the curriculum of Skill education for classes Class IX to XII consisting of academic content, syllabus for examinations with learning outcomes, pedagogical practices, and assessment guidelines. CBSE Skill Education Syllabus comprises the list of topics and subtopics to be covered in the course of study during an academic year.

Department of Skill Education

List of Skill Modules offered at Upper Primary Level
List of Skill Subjects offered at Secondary Level
List of Skill Subjects offered at Senior Secondary Level

By taking into consideration the feedback of stakeholders and other prevailing conditions, the Board will conduct the annual scheme of assessment at the end of the Academic session 2022-23 and the curriculum has been framed accordingly.
More than 8 lakh pupils are currently studying skill subjects at secondary and senior secondary levels in 8543 CBSE schools.

Skill Education That Could Help Pupils to Attain Success

Skill Based Education System

A skill-based education system can aid you in building professional and personal skills for a better future. A few important skills:

1. Observational Skills

Observation aids you to learn things from reality. You can learn scientific concepts by demonstration from the teacher.

2. Critical Thinking Skills

I’m sure you will understand the requirement of critical thinking skills to make decisions throughout your academic life. At every phase of life, we need to make decisions. Be it choosing your favorite candy flavor or your major in school as a pupil.

3. Research Skills

The aim of developing research skills should not be restricted to obtaining good grades in your academic projects. Research aids you to stay curious, and exposed to novel knowledge from time to time, aids you find solutions to diverse questions or hypotheses, and helps you stay updated.

4. Collaboration Skills

By working in collaboration, you are learning to be patient, tolerant, and empathetic towards other people’s thoughts and ideas. Students can work together on complex tasks. Example: Projects which require teamwork like developing a rainwater harvesting model.

5. Time Management Skills

You will always have a lot on your plate, both in school as well as in life. In some cases, you will need to choose your priorities but a majority of the time you will just need effective time management skills.


In today’s era, basic education will not be enough for students to be successful. They will need additional skills to get a good job or run a business.
Students should also keep in mind that, post-COVID, the skill-based sector will witness a jump in the demand for job opportunities related to sanitation, health, technology, and more.
Want to add more insights, just drop a comment and let us know what you feel is significant for your child to develop!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is Life Skill Education?

Solution: Life Skill education is a type of education in which skills are developed to make kids efficient in such a way that he/she can make decisions in odd circumstances by his/her ability and intelligence.

2. Why is Skill Education Important?

Solution: Skill-based education offers several benefits such as it imparts pupils control over their learning and aiding them to close the knowledge gap. Apart from it, it gives the student a definite aim to work toward and prepares them for future leadership roles.

3. Why is Skill-Based Education the Need of the Hour?

Solution: The world around is changing rapidly with the scaling economies and it requires a skilled workforce to drive the country. Skills are highly needed for diverse sectors in an array of ways to boost productivity as per requirement.

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