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How To Find A School In Vashi That Uses Flipped Classrooms

How To Find A School In Vashi That Uses Flipped Classrooms


Are you looking for a particular school in Vashi which provides a more inclusive teaching? As the world moves forward to create better learning spaces and opportunities for students, schools in Vashi have also moved forward to fostering educational spaces that encourage more discussions and engagement. Not only does this help in bringing students out of their shells, it also encourages questions and feeds the hunger for information. The way this class works in Vashi schools is, this blended learning method is done via many different methods which we will discuss below!

What is a flipped classroom?

When we take a look back in history, at the very beginning there were no books. The Gutenberg Printing Press was one of the first breakthroughs of creating copies of written material and it took a long time to reach the point where books were printed for educational purposes rather than religious. Until then, as there were no printed books that students could read out of by themselves, teaching was done in the best way possible which was by orating or the teacher orally speaking out the facts so that the pupils can grasp them. 

With the invention of books, one thing that was still kept constant like the old times was the practice of orating the topics to be taught. But as technology advanced further, 2007 was a huge leap in teaching techniques as two high school teachers from Colorado Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams went on to introduce the concept of teaching digitally. By figuring out how to record classes with both oral elements of teaching and presentations, they managed to put it up on online spaces so that the students who missed their classes on that particular day could learn even at home. “Having a flipped classroom in my child’s school in Vashi has been an immense help,” said a resident. Online Doubt Class of Orchids International School 

is an extended online programme that facilitates the LIVE interaction between students and subject experts.

But then there was a development where even the students who were in class and wanted to revise started watching these videos, this helped bring about the concept of flipped classrooms where learning happens at home and discussions about it popped up in classrooms. This is now a popular approach in international schools in Vashi

How does it help?

Teaching along the years has evolved and has adopted the latest practices to help in increasing the rate of students that benefit from education. The practice of flipped classrooms is used very popularly in CBSE school in Vashi. The following can be a few of the benefits of flipped classrooms:

Flipped Classrooms in vashi School
  1. It helps students who prefer an independent learning experience

With a blended mode of learning, students who prefer learning by themselves with the guidance of teachers and more discussion based discourse rather than a monotonous lecture thrive best. It’s been observed in schools of Vashi that this mode helped students reach their maximum potential.

  1. Helps give more control in the hands of students

Some students prefer having more time in their hands to complete a section of the portion and take it at their pace. This helps in creating a better learning experience which in turn helps the student do better in their overall education. There is also the option of going back and replaying content that they may have lost focus on which cannot be done in physical classes.

  1. Encourages more discussion

There is space for a more in depth learning as students can take their time to process the information consumed by them at home and reflect upon it. It also helps in understanding concepts better and gives more classroom hours to discuss and solve problems with the help of the teacher. The parent portals in Orchids International schools as a matter of fact also helps parents keep in touch with their child’s education. 

  1. Beats boredom 

According to J. Hattie in a research conducted in 2013 it was proved that students did better in this mode, especially the more gifted students. There are schools in Vashi that have also been seen to do the same. This helps the students in beating boredom and moving forward with their portions if their classmates need more time to work on a concept. 

  1. Leaves room for activities

This mode of learning also helps in understanding the various viewpoints their peers have about a topic, especially if the topic is something that can have different viewpoints, this helps in not only allowing new ideas to flow in the classroom but also helps young minds grow better. 

While in the beginning there may be hurdles in getting the students to do their work at home regularly, the use of positive reinforcement by using clickers and creating a room for informative discussions, the student eventually tends to get their work done on time so they can omit the feeling of being left behind.


Along with all the pros mentioned above, there is no doubt that this is a very important step in education where students have the chance to go back and revisit their classes in a very convenient manner. This has been observed in some  CBSE schools in Kharghar, branches of Orchids International Schools, and also schools in Vashi and as multiple research across the world, it has shown tangible results. So if you are looking for an appropriate school in Vashi, look no further.  Learning is a lifelong process and encouraging self-learning is a life skill that aids throughout life!

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