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Shape the Future of Children with Schools in Mumbai

Shape the Future of Children with Schools in Mumbai


What do you do when you plan to make chapattis? Do you start by heating the pan first or kneading the dough? Of course, you have to start from the very beginning. You knead the dough and cut out small round pieces of it. You then roll it and give it an “ideal” round shape.

The end result is a puffy, hot, and soft chapati, closely meeting the requirements of “ideal” cooking. Think of this entire process as the basis for shaping the future of children in the top-tier city schools in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, etc. 

To achieve the goal of raising and building an educated, responsible and skilled workforce of tomorrow, we have to start from the very beginning. The first step in this process is to provide quality education to our children from any best schools in Mumbai that will help shape them into becoming an ideal student and citizen of the future. 

shape the future of children for the schools in mumbai

Various International Schools in Mumbai have shaped their curriculum based on the needs and demands of the future of education in India, following the recommendations of the New Education Policy.

Just like the top schools in Mumbai have embarked their journey on the path of providing quality education to the students in our country, it won’t be long before other cities also follow suit of imparting education to children which will help them gain all the skills required to build a successful future workforce. 

The Future of Education in India

We all know that over the past one decade, some of the best CBSE schools in India have seen a massive change in their curriculum pattern. A paradigm shift can be witnessed, from academic-oriented learning to applying a holistic approach in the teaching-learning process.

With the announcement of the New Education Policy in the previous year, schools in Mumbai, especially the International Schools In Mumbai like Orchids International school,  have revamped their curriculum to match the growing needs of the futuristic educational structure of India. 

future of education for the schools in mumbai

The Focus of Education based on the NEP 2020 :

Based on the various recommendations of the National Education Policy (NEP) of 2020, some of the best CBSE schools in Mumbai and other important cities are focusing to implement the following measures :

  • Critical thinking and logical reasoning
  • Application-based learning
  • Importance given to technology-based education
  • Equal importance to academic and co-curricular activities
  • Skillful, vocational education from middle school
  • Varied combination of subjects, each given equal significance
  • Strong digital infrastructure to support digital learning 
  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers and coaches

Role of International Schools in Shaping the Future of Children

Outside of the classrooms are very different

The world outside the four walls of a school classroom is very different. Since school education lays the foundation for a student’s journey in higher levels of education and learning, the choice of school becomes even more important. One must choose a school which follows the new norms of teaching and learning to make the students future-ready. That’s where international schools come in the frame.

They are uniquely designed

If you take a look at some of the best international schools in Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Pune and Bangalore, you will find uniquely designed curriculums that fit the idea of imparting holistic education just right, following a vast and flexible educational structure.

Equips students with enough skills and knowledge

Enough knowledge skills is important

Not only does an international schools in Mumbai follow a national curriculum, it also aims to equip the students with skills and knowledge that are universally applicable as well as acceptable. This opens up abundant opportunities for the young students of India to explore and experience a wide variety of subjects, before they choose a career option to excel in. Orchids International school, for example, has world-class infrastructure which adds on to the overall development provided by the creative and unique academic curriculum.

 All round education for a bright future for the schools in mumbai

Voicing individual opinions on things that matter, having the ability to discuss on topics of national and international importance, developing the trait of debating on issues of concern backed by relevant facts and figures, etc. all are qualities that international schools help its students acquire. Moreover, they provide real-time opportunities to implement their learnings and skills to give justice to their knowledge. This offers the students a chance for self-evaluation, leaving ample scope to better themselves at existing skills and gain new ones. 

Schools in Mumbai knows the importance of emotional intelligence

Intelligence does not remain confined to the extent of one’s knowledge. The emotional intelligence of a person plays an integral role in personality development and helps them to navigate complex situations in life with relatable ease. The best international schools in Mumbai realise the importance of emotional intelligence in a student’s life and engage them in activities that would help them to become emotionally strong and independent.


“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm  X. 

So prepare your kids for a bright tomorrow by opting for any best international schools in Mumbai which prepares students with the right means of education. Schools in Mumbai and other big and small cities are working in unison to build the best international schools to shape the future of children in India.

Schools like Orchids Internationals strive to engrave strong values in children necessary in our next generation global leaders. To make our students globally competitive, undivided by knowledge and skills, both parents and teachers are working hard towards achieving the common goal of our nation – quality education for our children. Let’s join hands in making this a reality for our students, the future of a skilled India.

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