Co-Ed School, Better Than a Gender Segregated School in JP Nagar

Choosing a School in Jp Nagar: Is a Co-Ed School Better Than a School Supporting Gender Segregated Education?

Choosing a School in Jp Nagar: Is a Co-Ed School Better Than a School Supporting Gender Segregated Education?


“My child is now 3 years old and I have been having anxiety over which school in JP Nagar to send her to” – says a mother. Education has changed its face and pace now, children are more involved in their school activities and friends than before and parents are always concerned about the well being of their kids. Conservative parents often feel their children must attend single-sex schools and they are their first choice. Though there is nothing wrong with single-sex schools but it fails to provide a wider perspective of society and the world as a whole.

At the same time, parents forget that it is their children who will attend the school, not they and hence make a severe mistake of not taking in the kids opinion about it. Every child is different in terms of how he or she understands and reacts to the world. A child can be an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert and depending upon their behaviours and moral values they perceive the world and carves an image of it in their minds.

Orchids International school is a school in JP Nagar spread across all major cities and have branches in various regions of Bangalore. The school has taken it upon itself to encourage co-ed facilities for children while maintaining and inducing the right policies for both girls and boys.

Single-Sex Schools

Boys and girls have different mindsets, what is happening in a co-ed school, you won’t find it happening in a single-sex school. At the same time, what happens in an all-girls school is an entirely different scenario from what happens in an all-boys school.

It is no rocket science to guess how girls and boys act differently around each other in comparison to when they are alone. In an all-boys school, boys tend to have a bold and tough environment in school creating a masculine environment altogether.

At the same time, it is believed to be a good thing for girls to attend all-girls school because then they can communicate better on topics and subjects and they feel uncomfortable around boys.

But a good school should always be indifferent to gender biases like many CBSE schools in JP Nagar tend to support co-ed education as they believe that it helps the students to grow with a better mindset and thus they do not face communication issues in their future.

Co-ed Schools

As the name suggests this type of school encourages boys and girls to study together and has a dynamic environment in comparison to single-sex schools. It is believed that co-ed schools help both boys and girls prepare for the real world they will be facing in the future.

People should understand how important it is for boys and girls to interact with each other from a young age,if parents are conservative they tend to force their children to grow conservative and introverted as well.

A good example of this is Orchids International School, one of the best international schools in JP Nagar, Bangalore. They have school in JP Nagar along with many branches around the city and country and are leaders in CBSE education.

Difference Between Co-ed And Single-Sex Schools

Lack Of Perspective

When studying in a single-sex school whether it be all-boys or all-girls school, the students tend to have a collective mindset without assuming or accepting a different thought or take on any subject or topic, hence they lack perspective and do not understand the thought process of the opposite gender irrespective of its behaviour or consequences. Later in life, these school traits can create issues in communication between the student and the other person on a personal and professional level.


Every decision in a single-sex school is based on commonality and thus the wider spectrum or the big picture gets avoided. The school itself is designed for the purpose and characteristics determined either by girls or boys and thus create a dividing line between both the genders which gets more thick and thick with each passing year.

Gets Tough When You Leave The School

Students studying in a single-sex school gets habituated to a single type of environment where either there are all boys or all girls which gets difficult when they leave the school and start going to work and when they come across the opposite gender, they do not know how to react and what to do and what not to do. This may seem like a trivial issue but it gets more and more serious as they grow and face the everyday world.

Benefits Of Co-ed Schools

Prepares You For The Future

Co-ed schools support education equally for boys and girls and a dynamic environment in schools which is a need of the hour in the growing society, especially in India where there are still hundreds of stereotypes to break around boys, girls and gender equality in general.

Co-ed schools are best regarding students who have problems mixing with the crowd but with constant efforts can learn to engage and interact with them perfectly.

Broadens Your Mindset

The most important aspect of a co-ed school is that it helps people to not only recognise but to respect the opposite gender.

Children are often described to be introverts, extroverts and ambiverts and thus need to be addressed differently. Many kids have problems communicating with the opposite gender and fall nervous and react absurdly. There are many schools in Bangalore especially JP Nagar schools which face the same problem and are trying their best to overcome it. 

Gender Equality

The future generation needs to be aware, and be woke about what is going around the world and it starts by understanding the problems and issues the other face and how they can be helpful to them, breaking all the stereotypes of gender biases, masculinity, femininity and facades of casual sexism and sexist nature in general.

Orchids International school near JP Nagar is trying to bring a change and illustrate the idea of co-ed education among parents so that they can carve not only better students but also responsible citizens from their kids.

Orchids international school in JP nagar is one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore.


We believe a good school is where students get vocal and understand what is necessary for them to grow. We would always prefer a school supporting co-ed education policy and schools like Orchids – The International School in JP Nagar because it helps children grow in an amalgamated environment where children learn to respect the other gender which is the need of the hour. Students are becoming responsible citizens and run parallel with the opposite gender and it does not draw a line or influence the mind of the children that they are better or more important than the opposite gender.

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