Importance of International Schools & reasons to enroll your Children
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Quality Of Education In International Schools

Quality Of Education In International Schools

Isn’t it a dream of every parent that their ward studies in an international school, with top-class facilities and a world-class education system? It is not just a matter of education now. An international school resembles the class and status of the family in society. The luxury of it, the symbol of superiority, and what not?

International schools are the need of the hour for the new age students and the millennial crowd as it provides the kind of global education we all need now and from which we all were deprived of, but before we demand such good and needed international schools for us, let’s understand the whole prospect of international schools and how it’s different from the education system in India.

Anything in this world, especially in India comes with its notions and myths and they can be ridiculous sometimes, that’s what has happened with the image of international schools in India.

Let’s debunk some of these notions as we discuss why we should choose international schools and how important they are –

How To Prepare Our Children To Be The Best Versions Of Themselves?

There is no shame in accepting that our current education system is terrible at its job and we can’t just keep on abusing it for ruining our children’s ideologies while we only do nothing to change it. We need to choose international schools because our child goes to school he doesn’t go to the system of education to learn.

There is a huge problem in the Indian education system, not just one big problem but there are problems at each level. We all cannot deny the fact that we are the product of an old and ruined education system, treated like herds of sheep.

Authorities need to create an institution or introduce novelty in the education system so that it delivers quality learning, be well informed, and be updated with time so that they keep the students happy and not just well educated but well informed.

A good education must provide children to work towards creating a well-informed mind, develop their creative and critical faculties, and help them to become empathetic and caring individuals who are committed, global citizens.

These are supposed to be the foundational pillars of an education system, but the problem with the Indian education system is that it is deteriorating itself to the ground.

How International Schools Are An Effective Education Model

The need to choose international schools and their models of education are long-discussed and well-thought of. When we talk with professors and educationalists around the country, they share the same concern that the problem with the Indian education system is that it has an undying obsession with examinations.

India had already experimented with models of education and innovations implemented by Sri Aurobindo and Jiddu Krishnamurthy to inspire generations of teachers and learners but they did it on a small scale.

India does have progressive boards like the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to bring the necessary change but still as we said earlier children go to school, not to the education system.

It was first adopted in India in 1976 and now we have over 700 international schools across the country offering an international program at one or the other level.

India ranks second in the number of international schools, China is first. The most prevalent program is Cambridge Assessment International Education (CAIE), followed by most of the international schools. It is certain for us and the new age parents to opt and choose international schools.

By incorporating the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme (DP) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) curriculum into their pedagogy, international schools bring an opportunity to all the students to become global.

Myths Associated With International Schools

If your perception is surrounded by the myths regarding international schools and forces you to think why choose international schools then the below-mentioned points will help you get some clarity.

Myth-1: International Schools Are Untested

The fact is that the first International school in India was set up in 1976, and Cambridge is in India for more than fifty years. Top schools such as Woodstock, American Schools, British Schools, and Kodaikanal International Schools have been offering the international curriculum for decades.

Not to forget, International programs are recognized, University of Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune, Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, and Gujarat University.

We should choose international schools as they open the doors of opportunity for higher studies and job prospects in countries like Canada, Australia, France, Scandinavia, the US being at the top of them.

Myth-2: Like Parents, Like Children

Indian parents believe that just because they were able to cope up with the social norms and with the same education system, their children will do the same they will do it brilliantly but that’s just a farce idea. Let’s face it. the world is not the same anymore, we are in 2020 and certainly not in the 70s.

Parents need to understand that there are many Indian education system problems and it is their responsibility to choose what’s best for their children. They are the ones who should speak about new policies and reforms along with their children and then only a change will come in the society, taking admissions in an international school is just a small step towards it.

Myth-3: International School’s Programmes Are Not Carefully Designed

International school programs do not believe in basic learning or mindless repetition but the overall growth of deeper learning and critical thinking.

This comes with consistency and overtime efforts, learning to write in exams, and then forgetting all about it will never help a child, building a strong concept will.

The Curriculum of these schools is designed to remove barriers in developing skills and are concentrated towards conceptual understanding and effective collaboration. hence they are very careful with their way of teaching.

Myth-4: International Schools Are Not Well Implemented

These have come up as baseless rumors as most of the people just have vague notions built around them, these are perceptions built in a common society brain that they only cannot justify. On the contrary, the fact is international schools are very implemented and regulated by top educators and counselors always available to help you and your children.

Taking admissions in an international school becomes a necessity for your child in the future, admissions in such schools go through a long process carefully assessing the student and understanding their point of view. When you are choosing an international school for admission of your child, you must check the ethos of the school to gauge how well it will perform on international programs.

Myth-5: International Schools Are Just Too Expensive

Yes, they charge more than the average. Maybe a little too much, but the exposure your children get is priceless. You can’t deny the possibilities of him or here being a better student while studying at such reputed international schools, which should probably explain to you how the return of investment is high. 

International schools develop knowledge, skills, and motivate students to be successful at every step of their lives.

Having said and discussed all of this, the single goal, of course, is to ascertain admission of your children in a state of the art international school which is not only good from the outside but great from the inside. also making it certain that your child as a student should never miss an opportunity to excel and become the best version of themselves.

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