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CBSE School In Sarjapur: Are International Schools An Option For Regular People?

CBSE School In Sarjapur: Are International Schools An Option For Regular People?


International schools in Sarjapur or CBSE schools have become a staple in schools because of the quality of education that your child can get. There is a very commonly asked question about international schools, which is “Why is it so expensive?”.

When you take into consideration all the different aspects of all the different facilities that are provided to your child and after reading this article, you decide for yourself if the price tag speaks for it! To know more about the international schools in Sarjapur and the reason why they are rightfully great for your child in all aspects, read on! 

What do International schools in Sarjapur bring to the table?

International schools in Sarjapur are known for its multiple benefits like global recognition and the impeccable standard of education they provide. They also work towards overall development of your child rather than just one fold learning. Cbse school also help in encouraging your child to explore more. But do we really know the inner workings of such schools before we think they are more expensive? 

Take a look at these 5 reasons why international schools are justified at its price tag!

More well equipped facilities

International schools top most other schools, mainly because they offer so many facilities at the fingertips of your children. Not only will the campus be safe, it will also be well equipped. Among the schools in Sarjapur Road, it was seen that international schools have better equipped labs and the latest teaching technology that makes the process of learning more effective.

More teaching methods explored

The teachers in CBSE schools or international schools as well are more qualified and have a lot more experience teaching. This is one of the most amazing benefits of international schools. CBSE schools are mostly equipped with the latest teaching skills. These are designed to help students with different learning styles grasp the topics taught in class much more easily and smoothly. There is also more emphasis on foreign languages and English, which gives your child an edge on a global level. Picking up foreign languages under well-versed professionals helps your child have a smooth sail through university. This means if they ever decide to continue their higher education outside India. So instead of your child having to take expensive courses outside their class hours, they can just get it done and dusted under one fee!

Focuses on all aspects of health

It also helps in ensuring your child is emotionally healthy as well. Teachers here are equipped to detect any red flags in the health of your child. Teaching your child the importance of mental health is very important for their overall wellness and development.

Considering that most mental health bumps show up during the child’s adolescence, being around professional counselors to detect such distress will greatly benefit your child. However, this does not negate the importance of good physical health. Orchids, The International School is a CBSE school that takes up the responsibility of keeping the physical health of students in check. They check it through its Health and Nutrition Programme by regularly evaluating their health reports and conducting counseling sessions. 

Helps your child explore 

These CBSE schools in Sarjapur are mostly equipped with many facilities like swimming pools, badminton courts, tracks for running, and many other equipment for sports. It may help your child discover their talents, and trained coaches can help them reach their full potential. A healthy body requires a healthy mind, and the stimulation your mind receives from sports can help in creating a healthy mind.

Running costs are high

To uphold the quality of cbse school of education that they promise, it is important for such schools to hire high standard faculty which does not come with a light price tag. These campuses also have safety measures and security systems that cost money.  Due to this, not only does your child benefit with all the safety procedures in place but it also puts your heart at ease!

Another factor to count into it is the maintenance of lawns and playgrounds, and making sure that there is an overall sense of safety in it. Getting rid of all hazards such as any kind of infestation, sharp objects, or any other dangerous materials that may harm your child. These schools mostly even provide bus services and security.


In a nutshell we can say that the price that comes with schools in Sarjapur that have their own set of unique benefits which help in taking your child forward in life and therefore is quite justifiable!

An overall development for your child is focused on and the services that CBSE schools in Sarjapur offer is worth it. We understood that education is based on the overall sharpening of all skills and international schools do all that and more!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below!

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