Learning Styles of Every Acclaimed International Schools in Thane
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Learning Styles Found In Every International Schools In Thane.

Learning Styles Found In Every International Schools In Thane.

Introduction to Learning styles

Almost every International schools in Thane follows the US or the UK’s curriculum or other international curricula such as International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education, International Primary Curriculum, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Whatever the curriculum is, there are a few basic learning styles or teaching methods common to them all. 

International schools in Thane, Orchids

8 Learning Styles followed in International schools in Thane

Audio and video classes are part of the lessons

Visual communication of subject matter is proven to improve the understanding of complex topics to children. Even we, adults, would rather watch a youtube video on a topic rather than studying about it. When children are not just made to read their textbooks but also shown the lesson on a big screen, they will comprehend it better.

Visual Learning Environment (VLM)

Its another salient feature of international schools in Thane. While audio and video are shown in the classroom to many students, Visual Learning Environment is usually used by students in the comfort of their homes. Visual Learning Environment is the school’s server that contains course materials, videos, PPTs, and even chat boards or live classes. During the pandemic, many educational institutes adopted this way of education, and it has proved to be effective in teaching.

Provides interdisciplinary learning in international schools in Thane

Every International schools in Thane such as Orchid, The International School, promotes interdisciplinary learning, a platform for a child to use more than one subject to solve a common problem. For instance, when a student is given a particular situation that can only be solved with math and physics, it is an example of interdisciplinary learning. By employing this methodology, schools turn children into problem-solvers who will become leaders. No leader is ever a master of just one subject. He/she has to combine different subjects, such as IT or accounts or maths, to reach their goals. 

Education with one objective

Education with one objective in international schools in thane

All CBSE international schools in Thane and every International school in Thane approach education with one objective: they must understand the concept rather than mug it up. When children understand a concept, their curiosity will probe them to try out different creative ways to manipulate the concept to find different results. This is called research. And no matter how pointless or juvenile a child’s ‘research’ is, international schools encourage this mentality. After all, it intends to go beyond and find something out that has driven humanity to space, so a curious child who is interested in researching will very well become one of the top scientists in the future. International schools provide a nurturing environment for children to experiment on till their heart’s content.

International Schools in thane teach them to survive on all odds

international schools in thane teach students to survive against all odds

Humans have survived and become so successful mainly because we cooperate. International schools make children learn this early on. Teamwork is the best type of work there is. Sharing responsibilities and working together towards a common goal doesn’t just let children know that they don’t have to do everything themselves but also teaches them leadership skills and people management. As international schools are incredibly diverse, with expat children following different countries’ cultures, cooperation is learned in its ultimate form. 

International schools in Thane make students self-reliant

One other thing every CBSE and international schools in Thane have in common is making students self-reliant. Not everything is provided in a textbook, though it is enough to get a centum in examinations. Children, who couldn’t tame their curiosity, are encouraged to collect materials independently and have an in-depth study on the subject. Teachers help children with materials initially, and in time, children learn to accumulate data themselves and utilize it.

Classrooms in international schools are not crammed.

They are sparse and possess high-tech learning equipment like audio and video aids. The lesser the number of students, the more individual attention a teacher can give the children. International schools make it a point to spend time with each child and give them the care they need to excel in their education. If a child is not good at math, but he/she can run fast, they are encouraged to participate more in sports. This kind of unique attention and adaptive teaching makes every single one of the students shine in their natural abilities. Most schools don’t do that, and children lead their lives without fully exploring their potential.

Schools spend time with parents

Like how children are given special attention and unique care, the international schools’ teachers also spend time with the parents. International schools pay attention to a child’s physical growth and psychological well-being. Teachers are more than qualified to spot a troubled child, so when a student is underperforming or melancholic or rabble-rousing, the teachers meet with the parents, not to shift blame but to get to the root of the problem. Many unpleasant things like bullying or teenage smoking are related to unattended psychological issues, so teachers in international schools make sure they spot the problem early on.


Learning styles in every international schools in thane

Compared to state board schools, even CBSE schools, international schools in Thane are better. Their primary objective is for the children to learn anywhere in the world, so their curricula align with the entrance exams of highly reputed universities around the globe. For your child to have a bright future, choosing an international school for their education is the best way to go about it.

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