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Which is better: CBSE board International Schools in Yelahanka or boarding schools?

Which is better: CBSE board International Schools in Yelahanka or boarding schools?


“Choosing a CBSE board school for my kid was very challenging,” said Vinita, a resident of Bangalore, last week.

“So which school did you end up choosing?” I prompted.

“One of the notable CBSE board International Schools In Yelahanka. My priority was not whether it’s going to provide the optimal education for passing exams but the overall development of my child.”

Whether this particular parent choosing schools in Yelahanka or a parent choosing a school in Kolkata, the requisites are often the same. Education isn’t just limited to memorizing and passing with good grades. Instead, it’s a child’s overall physical and emotional development.

While boarding schools have always been a preference of Indian parents, international schools are rapidly gaining popularity among younger parents. So how does a parent decide which one is the best for their child? Let’s take a look.

Why Should You Choose CBSE Board International Schools in Yelahanka?

Orchids, a CBSE board International schools in Yelahanka

CBSE board international schools in India were primarily created for the children of expats. Later garnered support from local parents because of the higher quality of education they provided. International schools in Yelahanka are ideal for parents who want their kids to pursue higher education overseas. International schools mainly follow the curriculums prioritized overseas like International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education, International Primary Curriculum, and International General Certificate of Secondary Education. Some other benefits of cbse board international school education include:

Global Curriculum

International schools provide vast career opportunities because of their robust curriculum. They focus on educating a child to thrive not only in India but all countries in the world. Teachers focus on three core subjects aka Math, Science, and English. These subjects are common in both international curriculums and the CBSE board. So, your child is ready whether they want to be a doctor in India or an engineer in the US. This type of curriculum is prominent in Orchids International school, one of the reputed CBSE board schools in Yelahanka.

International Teachers

Teachers in international schools are as diverse as the children going to them. These teachers from other countries, who would be expats themselves, bring to the table the vast knowledge and experience from their own countries. It gives the students a substantial perspective of the world and the people occupying it.

Multicultural environment

Similarly, International schools in Yelahanka will expose your little one to a melting-pot environment. In this era, understanding other cultures is incredibly crucial. So, children will have a better chance of knowing and respecting other cultures, which would make them suitable leaders. 

Higher chances of overseas college acceptance

When your child studies in an international school, they have a better chance of becoming global citizens. Many universities across the globe accept the curriculum of an international school. If your child is an Indian but has his eyes set on Cambridge or Oxford, one of the easiest ways to get these is through a reputed international school. Schools like Orchids International have global student exchange programs that expose the students to diverse cultures and expertise.

High proficiency English classes

The quality of English used in international school classrooms is the highest, bar none; speaking with impeccable grammar, broad vocabulary, and precise pronunciation becomes second nature for children studying in an international school.

Why opt for CBSE board Boarding schools in Yelahanka?

CBSE board Boarding schools in schools in Yelahanka give control of their day

There is hardly any person in India who hasn’t been threatened with boarding schools as a kid. But are they really that terrifying? Contrary to our perception as a kid, boarding schools are ideal for several students. Parents who are incredibly busy or move around a lot can opt for boarding schools. They provide: 

Unwavering education

The fundamental aim of sending a child to a boarding school is its ability to concentrate on studies. If a child is at home alone all the time or moves from city to city frequently, he might not get a proper education. Boarding skills cut down all distractions and make sure the child focuses only on their school education. 


Teamwork is an integral part of success in modern life. With the rise of corporations and global citizens, no time has ever been more suitable for growing team spirit. And boarding schools make children feel like a part of the community, sharing responsibilities and working hard towards a common goal.


Boarding schools deny kids the opportunity to ask anyone else to do their chores. They learn essential life skills like washing and folding their clothes, making their beds, and even washing their dishes.


Boarding is an excellent education institute when it comes to instilling responsibility and discipline in kids. Teamwork, carrying out duties, doing chores regularly, and studying independently make children disciplined and gain more self-control. These qualities make great leaders who can handle any conflict with a calm mind.


In the end, the perfect school for a child depends on multiple circumstances. As a parent, if you want a holistic education for your child, go for CBSE board international schools in Yelahanka. If you want your child to learn discipline, responsibility, and become self-sufficient along with his studies, then CBSE board boarding schools are the ideal option.

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