Top 5 misconceptions about International schools in Hyderabad
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5 myths about International schools in Hyderabad Debunked!

5 myths about International schools in Hyderabad Debunked!


India aspires to take part in every part of global society and economy, and there is a desperate need to prepare children to meet such aspirations. Only proper education can develop critical and creative faculties and a well-informed mind and help them come out as caring and empathetic individuals who are dedicated to becoming global citizens. Let’s be honest: Deep down, every parent is concerned about their children’s career path. And often, the concern – about which school to get admission to, starts a few years after a child is born.

International schools in hyderabad

Though many Indian parents have a good point of view about international schools in Hyderabad, the truth is that in India, myths still exist about such schools, be it Hyderabad, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, or Bangalore. Their perception about India’s international schools is foggy and at times confused due to their interaction with many opinion-makers. We all know that the choice of a school and curriculum has a big influence on one’s life course. And so, the right choice can be made only when one is fully aware of all the facts about different educational approaches. Hence we thought of busting a few myths associated with international schools in Hyderabad. 

international schools in hyderabad

With international curricula, most of the best CBSE schools in Hyderabad are now gaining more relevance than ever. But it pays to be aware of some of the most prevalent myths surrounding such schools and the curriculum that they offer. Because you should not miss out on a world-class education for your child based on a myth, you must read this blog till the end before you end up deciding the wrong school for your champ!

5 myths about International schools in Hyderabad

Myth 1: International schools in Hyderabad does not help with competitive examinations

international schools in Hyderabad

The fact: Many people believe that only traditional Indian curricula provide an in-depth understanding of subjects and various other skill sets required for cracking competitive exams. However, this is not true. The curriculum exams of the best international schools in Hyderabad include Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) that can help students with their competitive exam preparation. Apart from that, the best CBSE schools like The Orchids International schools in Hyderabad provide as much rigorous training in academics as traditional curricula, but with a more holistic approach. They also explore the realm of a student’s inherent strengths and interests and help them chart a perfect career path. That path can be towards anything the child can dream and work towards photography, fine arts, entrepreneurship, humanities, law, even engineering, and medicine!

Myth 2: Students in international schools in Hyderabad cannot compete in competitive exams 

international schools in Hyderabad

The Fact: This myth has aroused because of this notion that international schools’ syllabus and curriculum do not provide any in-depth idea about the subjects taught. But actually, students Of Orchids international schools are more prepared to crack subjects related to logical reasoning, problem-solving, etc., which makes them more able to compete in competitive exams. Moreover, the students in the international school have their careers aligned to their interests. The teachers and the management of these top CBSE schools in Hyderabad believe education still has room for more subtle improvements. They envision and empower their students to grow up learning all the necessary skills, hobbies, health practices, and emotional intelligence to make them a complete human being ready for anything that time demands.

Myth 3: International schools are suitable for those wishes to do further study abroad 

The Fact: It is one of the very common myths about international schools in Hyderabad. Indeed, the students of international schools are better equipped to handle international studies because of the qualities they have acquired from their school, like independent and 360-degree thinking, but students from other boards also go abroad for higher education.

Are you the parents of a 2-Year-old kid and planning to give your kids the chance to explore a whole new culture and schooling as they step out of their comfort zone? Then Orchids International schools in Hyderabad is the place! They are not just in Hyderabad but are a chain of mid-range CBSE/ICSE schools located in 6 major cities: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, and Pune. Through these best and top CBSE international schools, your children will be exposed to diverse cultures and expertise and will be able to broaden their perspective of the world. Student Exchange Programme is a paid program that introduces the students to several global platforms. So are you ready to give this opportunity to your little champs?

Myth 4: There are no textbooks in International Schools in Hyderabad. They keep doing projects.

international schools in hyderabad

The Fact: Not entirely true. Orchids International school in Hyderabad has textbooks that are prescribed in International schools based on the curriculum they follow. They believe in experimental learning, unique academic philosophy, digitally enhanced learning because such activities give more room for creativity in the learning process.

Myth 5:Exams in International Schools in Hyderabad do not give results on time to join colleges or universities.

The Fact: Not entirely true. The curriculum has its exam at a specific time like any other board, and the results are declared in the same months. Hence there is no clash whatsoever in getting admissions to colleges. International schools in Hyderabad provide an education that develops knowledge, skills, and motivation students need to succeed at university and beyond.


So why choose the best international schools in Hyderabad?

international schools in Hyderabad

The ultimate aim, of course, is to ensure that our children do not lose out on opportunities developmental, academic, higher educational, and career while the wheels of reform turn slowly in our education system. And CBSE international schools are the best way out in the interim.

So, if you are looking for a holistic approach towards education for your child, then without any hesitation, feel free to approach the best international schools in Hyderabad!

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