Proven Last-Minute Tips to Prepare For CBSE Class 12 Exam
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Nine Tips to Successfully Prepare For CBSE Class 12 Exam

Nine Tips to Successfully Prepare For CBSE Class 12 Exam

The CBSE class 12 board standard exams are less than a month and a half away. Over 20 lakh students will be taking a shot at one of the most important competitive exams of their lives. CBSE exam for class 12 is very significant as it heralds a glorious future for the students. CBSE exams can be tough but you can overcome them by planning smart and putting the right effort in the right place.

When you want to start preparing is entirely dependent on you and a one-strategy-fits-all approach doesn’t work here. While some students start studying right at the start of the academic year, some start preparing closer to the exam date. Success in CBSE exams for class 12 needs a well-disciplined, careful approach as it a major determiner of your future. However, please remember it’s not just hard work but smart work that will win you the game in the end!

9 Tips to Prepare for CBSE Class 12 Exams!

Here are nine tips that you can use to successfully prepare for the CBSE class 12 exam which could be conducted in the upcoming month.

  • Keep Your Mind Calm and Free

It’s common for students to panic and get nervous before an exam. To avoid getting stressed on the day of the exam, wake up early, meditate or exercise and eat a healthy breakfast to keep your body active and relaxed. Keep everything ready a day before the exam like stationery, books, admit card, uniforms/clothes, and others to avoid last-minute rush.  If the exams are held online, keeping all documents ready as soft copies in a particular folder will avoid confusion on the day of the exam.

  • Make Notes and Revise Daily

You probably have made notes of all important topics by now. In case you haven’t, jot down important points from each subject – chapter-wise to have a clear idea about all concepts in mind. While studying, you must make a note of all the important points in a notebook for a quick reference. Go online to get a list of all important topics and summaries and download them on your computer. You can use all or parts of these notes for a quick reference. 

cbse class 12 exam prep : makes notes and revise them
  • Keep Away from Last Minute Preparation

DO NOT study at the last minute. You must prepare at least two days in advance and keep the last day only for revision. Remember any last-minute preparation can become hectic and lead to unwanted stress and confusion. Use the time you have to solve more problems and sample papers. 

  • Keep Calm on the Day of The Exam

If you have to physically go to give the exam, reach the exam centre at least an hour before the exam as it helps remove half of your tension of arriving late due to traffic. It is observed that rushing to the exam centre at the last minute can cause fatigue leading to loss of composure. If you are sitting for an online CBSE class 12 exam, give yourself at least 15 minutes time to calm your mind and meditate. Don’t stress, you will perform well!

  • Master Time Management Skills

As with any exam, the CBSE class 12 exam also has several sections— some easy and some tough. As there is no section wise restriction, you must first answer the sections that are easy and take less time, keeping the lengthier or tougher sections for later. This way you will save time and have enough breathing space before you attempt other sections.

Regardless of how busy your schedule is, you need to manage your time well. Create a study timetable that you can follow and monitor the progress of the time-table every day. Solving model test papers for subjects will also help you manage your time taken for each long question or section of the question paper.

  • Clear your Doubts

While studying for the exam, should you have any doubts at any point of time, seek immediate help from friends, classmates or school teachers. Never keep a doubt pending until the last minute as it’s going to harm your preparations. There are even portals that can help you clear your doubts. Once all your doubts are cleared you will surely observe a difference in your answer writing pattern. Your answers will become more precise and to-the-point!

clear all your doubts before cbse class 12 exams
  • Get Proper Rest

It’s important that you take proper rest before and after the exam. Sleep on time and wake up on time on non-exam days and wake up early on the day of the exam for a quick study before the exam. Sleep for a minimum of 8 hours before the exam. As this is a pen and paper exam, give your hand proper rest. Do not strain your hands at all.

  • Have a Systematic Approach

Remember, every problem has a solution and a workaround. For example, if you’re struggling with math, ask your teacher or search online for another approach to solve the problem. Once you have found multiple approaches to solve a problem, practice each of it and see which one suits you best and can be done in a short period of time.

for better cbse class 12th results - solve model test papers
  • Speed and Agility

Every question is important and needs to be approached accurately. Do not spend more than 2-3 minutes per question and if you are struggling with a question, move to the next one and revisit the unanswered ones later. This way you are answering maximum questions while also having time to come back to the ones that were not answered.

While the above points are important, another important tip you must remember is to have CONFIDENCE in yourself and your abilities. While all exams are important and equally tough, it’s your confidence that will take you to the top of the ranking table of CBSE 12th results. Have an “I CAN DO” attitude and no force in the world can stop you from excelling in your CBSE exams!

All the best for your exam! Stay healthy, safe and confident!

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