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How To Choose The Best Schools In Bangalore?

How To Choose The Best Schools In Bangalore?


There is a rapid increase in parents’ preference of CBSE boards all over India, Including schools in Bangalore. In the 60s, the Indian government decided to make education equal for every student; and give a standard for that education as it was all a mess and highly haphazard because it had been only a decade after independence. Thus it formed the Central Board of Secondary Education with just some 300-odd schools across the nation. And now, fast-forward to the new millennium, our country has more than 18,000 CBSE schools, some of them better than the rest.

So what is the reason behind this exponential growth? 

Many CBSE schools were formed, mainly to cater to the government employees of the central government. Since their jobs are more mobile and they were transferred often, CBSE helped educate their children. Later on, due to the effectiveness of the education and pupils scoring excellent marks in competitive exams like UPSC and NEET than their counterparts in State Boards schools, they became hugely successful. Let’s take the example of Orchids International School, which assists high school students to prepare for JEE, NEET, etc. with the help of in-house IIT graduates.

And now you, a responsible parent who wants to enroll your child in a school but you’re unsure of which one to choose. Fret not, for we are here to help you with your dilemma.

Differences between CBSE and other schools

  • The main reason students at CBSE schools in Bangalore perform better in their respective subjects is because they truly understand them. CBSE schools give importance to the concept rather than teaching useless facts. For example, children do not need to memorize when Marie Curie was born. All they need to understand is the radioactivity she discovered. Since CBSE schools incline towards the syllabus that gives priority to the latter, students come out better educated than their counterparts in state board schools. For this reason, that is the absence of redundant facts, CBSE textbooks are thinner but more educative.
  • Another thing that is different in a CBSE school is its syllabus doesn’t differ from state to state. A child studying in Chennai might suddenly need to leave his/her school and go to schools in Bangalore because her parents need to move; they will be able to quickly pick up from where they left Bangalore. You don’t have to worry about your child missing out on the advantages of ICSE education as institutions like Orchids International School have a blend of ICSE/CBSE syllabus with an international approach of the Cambridge Board.
  • Compared to State Board schools, CBSE has a challenging marking system. A child scoring 100 percent in physics would find it hard to do the same with a CBSE question paper. This is due to the controlled way the examinations are evaluated. It might seem like a bad deal, as a child can score better marks in a State Board, but the quality of the education is far more critical, and State board schools haven’t reached that level of purity yet.
  • Top-level competitive exams like UPSC and entrance exams such as JEE and NEET base their questions on the NCERT (National Council of Educational Research and Training) syllabus. This is the main reason many IAS and IPS officers come from a CBSE background.
  • The lessons will be more application-based, and students will have to use a lot of logical reasoning to comprehend the subject. It naturally makes them search for more books related to a topic out of their textbooks, making them go-getters and molding them to have a more assertive personality, leading to higher self-confidence.
  • Entrance exams are notoriously famous for being tough. But it is a wrong perspective. It seems more challenging because the questions are based on how well a student has understood a concept rather than how well they have mugged them up. In the long run, the CBSE students would find it easier to get into IIT or AIIMS than the children educated at their respective State boards. 

Why is CBSE better?

  • In CBSE textbooks, a lot of fun activities are included in between chapters to engage students in fun activities pertaining to the lessons. This kind of student-friendly reading makes children love studying rather than being petrified at the thought of books. Schools including Orchids International school have subject kits that give practical understanding and help the child to retain the subject matter for a longer time.
  • Very few students fail CBSE exams because children can tackle any type of questions as they’ve understood their lessons’ concepts. At state board schools, children usually memorize stuff and write them word to word, but in CBSE exams, students write the answers in their own words, showing the examiners that they know the concept, which will satisfy most teachers who grade the papers.
  • The physical and mental health of the children is given importance in CBSE. Students are encouraged to pursue sports as much as they are encouraged in academics. Also, the actual physical growth and health of the child are monitored. Orchids International School has a team of nutritionists and dietitians that closely observe the health of each and every child, conducting regular assessments and correctional plans for better health. 
Overall growth and development
  • Flexibility is another reason you must pick CBSE for your child. It helps with children who are constantly relocating within India.
  • Compared to State Board schools, CBSE schools in Bangalore offer many scholarships to help students with their education and motivate other students to do well.
  • CBSE has less syllabus than State Board or ICSE, so children would find it easy to concentrate.
  • CBSE school teachers are mostly CBSE students of the past, So they will be well acquainted with the syllabus and have a distant vision for their goals and make students work accordingly. 

Now you know  the reason behind the rise of CBSE schools in Bangalore, Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai and all other major Indian cities.

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