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Your Search for A Good School in Kolkata Ends Here!

Your Search for A Good School in Kolkata Ends Here!


The link between humans and wanderlust is as old as evolution itself. Migrating and expanding into new territories has always been our thing. And a good portion of the world’s population still moves from country to country, thanks to their highly mobile jobs. Pilots, seamen, embassy staff, and business persons are just a few examples of the types of people who traverse the globe. 

About International Schools

When a person leaves his/her own country and works in another country, he/she becomes an expatriate. And they have children, too. But moving around a lot or migrating to a different country is not as smooth for children as their parents. They miss their friends, they miss their neighborhood, but the most detrimental thing is, they miss their education. So what can be done to help the children of expats? Enter international schools in Kolkata. Almost all the countries in the world have the best international schools in Kolkata.

Group of Children Circle and Education

As the name suggests, international schools in Kolkata were created with one objective: to cater to the international community, aka expats. And due to their highly efficient teaching methods, quality of education, and international standard that is accepted in the universities across the globe, even parents who are not expats but citizens enroll their children in international schools in Kolkata. And such is also the case of schools in Kolkata. 

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first know how a school in kolkata is categorized as an international schools in Kolkata. The International Association of School Librarianship (IASL) has a set of prerequisites that a school must have in order for it to be an international schools in Kolkata. They are:

  1. English should be the primary language or a mandatory language. Like how French is to France, English is to the world. Learning English and then studying other subjects through English would make the world more accessible to children since almost all the countries speak it.
  2. Most international schools in Kolkata follow the curriculum of the US or the UK. Even if one of them is not followed, an international curriculum such as International Baccalaureate, Edexcel, Cambridge Assessment International Education, International Primary Curriculum, or International General Certificate of Secondary Education should be followed. 
international schools in kolkata
  1. It should be accredited by international organizations such as the Council of British International Schools or the Council of International Schools.
  2. The admission must be non-selective, meaning no children should be given partial treatment. If a child is suitable for the curriculum, then he/she is welcome to study there. 

Advantages of Choosing International Schools in Kolkata for your Child

international schools in India
  • When your child studies in international schools in Kolkata, they have a better chance at becoming global citizens. Many universities across the globe accept the curriculum of an international schools in Kolkata. If your child is an Indian but has his eyes set on Cambridge or Oxford, one of the easiest ways to get these is through a reputed international school. 
  • The quality of English used in international school classrooms is the highest, bar none; speaking with impeccable grammar, wide vocabulary, and precise pronunciation becomes second nature for children studying in an international schools in Kolkata.
  • Children get exposure to a melting-pot environment; in this era, understanding other cultures is incredibly crucial because the world is uniting together faster than it ever did. So children will have a better chance at knowing and respecting other cultures, which would make them suitable leaders. International schools in Kolkata such as Orchids,
  • The International Schools in Kolkata provides student-exchange programmes  to as many as 9 countries of the world with an aim to bring forth ample opportunities for students to explore and experience global education systems and cultures. National schools or state board schools seldom provide such a diverse environment for a child to learn about other countries’ people firsthand.
schools in kolkata educate kids in a multi-cultural environment
  • International schools’ children’s career opportunities are far superior. This is because of a robust curriculum. The idea behind international schools in Kolkata is that a child must be educated enough to thrive in the next country he/she moves on to. So the teachers provide children with the utmost important stuff like math, science, and English, omitting subjects with local relevance. This reduces their syllabus, condensing them into a more meaningful and educative lesson plan.
  • Teachers in international schools in Kolkata are as diverse as the children going to them. These teachers from other countries, who would be expats themselves, bring to the table the humongous wisdom and knowledge of their own countries and lives in their countries. Children observe and absorb these varied experiences, getting an understanding of the world and the various types of people occupying it.
  • International schools in Kolkata are spacious. Unlike state board schools, they do not cram students into one room. The classrooms in international schoolsare sparse and tiny, having fewer students so that a teacher can give each and every one of them the individual attention they need.
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International schools in Kolkata definitely provide better career opportunities with a chance to learn about international cultures through diverse pupils and teachers. It makes them global citizens who are on a fast track to highly successful careers and lives.

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