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10 Ways to Get Your Child Through the Homework Hour

10 Ways to Get Your Child Through the Homework Hour

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  2. 10 parenting tips for the homework hour
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Are you tired of the constant battles with your child? Do they whine and complain about doing homework, or do they not even try in school because it’s too difficult for them? If you’re like the millions of other parents who have these same problems, then do not despair. We got you covered! It doesn’t have to be this way. There are many ways that you can help make the homework hour easier for both of you. You will be amazed at how much more your child can accomplish without distractions coming into play. Make it a rule! Consistency is essential in making this work well! Here is a list of ten tips to help get your child through the homework hour


10 Parenting Tips for the Homework Hour

1. It’s Very Important That You Have a Consistent Time for Doing Homework.

This will help your child prepare for the event and be ready to work, whether that be first thing in the morning, before dinner, or at a specific time each day, like right after school.

2. You Can Make Homework a Game and Set Goals for Your Child to Accomplish.

Many kids need extra motivation to get them started with an assignment. If they finish ahead of time, if you have pre-planned rewards, this will help them to work even harder. Having a chart with stars or stickers works well to motivate.

3. Have a Nice, Clean, and Peaceful Place for Your Child to Do Their Homework.

If it is in the middle of the kitchen floor, surrounded by toys, then your child is going to be distracted by all of that noise and clutter. Your child won’t focus and get any kids homework done if there are toys scattered everywhere.

4. Have Everything You Need for the Assignment in One Place So They Can Start Working Right Away.

If your child needs things like glue, scissors, or a calculator, then have everything they need ready to go, so there is no reason for them not to start working right away. This will help keep their attention focused on the assignment rather than fiddling around looking all over the house for something they might need.

5. If You Are Concerned About Your Child’s Focus, Make Sure They Have an Incentive to Get Their Work Done Quickly.

It can be challenging for kids to stay focused when they know there is nothing at the end of the tunnel. It can help a lot if you tell them they will earn a special reward, like extra TV time or video games, once they are finished with their homework, simply for completing it on time and returning it to you.

6. Check-In with Your Child as They Are Doing Their Homework.

Kids can sometimes fall into “auto-pilot” mode when they do their homework. That means that there is a good chance they may not be thinking too hard about what they are doing or why they are doing it. The more attention they have to put into finishing their homework, the better! It can help keep them on task if you ask questions that make them think, or even give suggestions and say things like “I know this is tough for you” or “this is a hard one”.

7. Work with Your Child to Help Them Set Reasonable Goals for Their Homework Assignments.

If they are struggling with an assignment because of the difficulty level, try helping them break it down and figure out how many parts of the assignment they can do. Maybe they will only be able to do the reading while you look over what they have written about it. Maybe your child realizes that they can’t finish the essay, but they know that if they break it up into smaller sections and you look over those, then the whole assignment will get done.

8. Work with Your Child to Reach Out for Help When Needed.

Your child should feel comfortable asking for help whenever they struggle, run into a problem, or don’t understand something. If they can be self-motivated, even better. But as every parent knows, there are days when your child doesn’t want to do their homework, and you have to insist.

9. Don’t Hover Over Them While They Complete Their Homework.

Homework takes time and energy! Sometimes the only thing that your child needs is some privacy to focus on their homework. You don’t want them to be distracted by having too many people in the room or be afraid of being judged if they make a mistake.

10. Provide Your Child with Positive Encouragement.

Your children will be more motivated if you give them genuine praise that is not conditional, such as “Keep up the good work” or “You did such a great job on your math homework”.

BONUS: Discuss the Importance of Being Organized.

If your child is struggling to organize their workspace or time, suggest finding an organizational method that works best for them. Helping your child develop and write down a plan will give them the freedom to learn how to follow their own rules.


We hope you find our parenting guide of 10 tips helpful! The best way to get your child through the homework hour is by being understanding and supportive. Ensure a safe, comfortable environment for them as they work on their assignments or do research. Encourage them with positive reinforcement every step of the way, but don’t forget that it may take more than just one night to fully understand how the human brain works-which means there are many other blog posts we can help you read about this topic. If desired! If all else fails, remember what most kids want after finishing their homework? A snack and some time spent relaxing in front of the TV together. What’s been your favourite parenting tip so far? Let us know!

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