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How To Find The Best School In India For Whole-Brain Teaching?

How To Find The Best School In India For Whole-Brain Teaching?


As times change, with the strong backing of research and science, better learning methods spring up and beat the old school ones in CBSE schools. It’s not easy to find the best school in India for your child since a good school has many different qualities.  Every child learns differently and these new upgrades in classroom teaching can be seen in the best schools in India. These new methods, in turn, helps a student in reaching their maximum potential. Learning is all about fun and feeding hungry and curious young minds.

The one thing we often forget is that learning is, in a very scientific sense, a neurological process. Ned Herrmann’s Whole Brain Model encapsulates how different brain processes take place in the four quadrants of the brain, which are the analytical, practical, relational, and Experimental quadrant. When learning happens in multiple areas of the brain, it becomes multidimensional which helps in the integration of previous knowledge. Read on to know more about whole brain learning.

What Is Whole-Brain Learning?

whole-brain learning in the Best school in India

Whole-brain learning is simply the use of both the right and left sides of the brain in order to create more wholesome learning of a subject. To break down between what the different sides of the brain do, the right side of the brain helps in adding to the creative and artistic aspect and the left side adds to the analytic and methodical aspect of the person.

Orchids International school addresses this by focusing on the overall holistic development of the child and not just academic excellence. A method used in the best school in India is done by trained teachers who teach by breaking down information into bits and use hand gestures and voice modulation to help capture the attention of students. 

How Does It Work?

girl learning in the Best school in India

Being very effective with preschoolers who are learning how to mimic and copy, helps in holding the attention of students. Using this technique, the teachers in Orchids International school help the students in facilitating the retention of information. Enabling teaching by muscle memory helps in the student being able to recall information easily and in piecing it together with past knowledge. The greater the variance in hand gestures, tone, and speed, the better it is for recalling and memorizing what was taught to them. 

According to the base principles of the Four Quadrant (the four parts of the brain- Analytical, Practical, Relational, and Experimental), no style is good or bad. An individual will always have a varying dependency on the different quadrants. Learning for an individual will be based on the amalgamation of the different learning styles.

In a classroom of the best school in India, it is very essential to note that not all children come in happy homes or have zero trauma. This learning style helps in introducing positivity into learning which can help the child emotionally and academically.

Using It In a Classroom

students studying in the class

Post using it in the best school in India, multiple advantages and perks were observed. Five of them being:

  1. Increased student engagement and attention span. 
  2. Improved academic achievements.
  3. Integrates muscle memory into learning.
  4. It helps in integrating previous information with the new and binding it all together.
  5. It helps in getting withdrawn students to engage in a class by fostering a positive environment.

This method is applied in most CBSE board schools in India, it is a well-thought-out process with a lot of planning done by the teacher. Mirror words are a popular way to increase the level of interaction and attention by asking the students to repeat the gestures and the words that the teacher says. The use of unique gestures in the best school in India helps in catching the attention of the student significantly enough as it impacts their motor and visual cortices. 

remote learning in the Best school in India

Other Applications of Whole Brain Learning in the Best School in India

Another application principle that only the best school in India can give is the ability to teach the child the art of teaching. The ability to teach one another can only be done when the lesson has been taught to the students in the best way possible where muscle memory and all the different parts of the brain link it together.

Using the whole brain learning method and asking the students to teach each other, the same way the teacher did, reinforces the use of whole-brain learning.

The best school in India for students with learning and processing disabilities are the ones that introduce special measures to support them and make them feel included. Orchids International School focuses specifically on Kinesthetic Learning and motor skills development right from preschool. Students who have ADHD have also shown significant improvement in learning by this method due to the multi-dimensional learning approach it holds. This type of learning isn’t suitable for all as every child is different with their own unique personality. A shy student may not be able to reciprocate as much as an outgoing child but that is okay as every individual takes learning and learning methods at their own pace.


a child studying alone

It is important to make sure that learning should be something that a child must be given the opportunity to enjoy the maximum. The best school in India will teach your child that learning shouldn’t be restricted to just mugging up textbooks and consuming content at just the surface level without any deeper understanding of the topic. The sooner there is the implementation of different learning styles, to facilitate better learning, the earlier we bring out the best of every student.

Most CBSE board schools encourage collaborative learning where both the teacher and the student play a vital role in the learning process and it is always fun and fruitful. The research behind this technique is well researched upon with many demographics being subject to it and the results speak for themselves on how whole brain learning is advantageous in every aspect. So what are you waiting for? Head to google and find the best “CBSE schools near me”!

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