Top 10 ways to teach coding as part of computer science classes in school
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How to Teach Coding as Part of Computer Science Classes in School

How to Teach Coding as Part of Computer Science Classes in School


Coding is a language that you can learn to speak, and it’s important for all students to have the opportunity to do so. As computer science classes become more prevalent in our schools, many teachers are asking themselves how they can incorporate coding into their curriculum. 

Here are some ways that you might be able to teach coding as part of your class!

Why Is Coding Important for School Students?

For the following reasons, coding is important for school students:

  1.  Today’s students will need to be able to speak and understand the language of coding in order for them to have a job.
  2. Learning how code is structured can help with problem-solving, critical thinking, creative collaboration, and logical reasoning skills.
  3.  Programming also helps develop creativity because as you create your own programs, you are required to think creatively about how things work together on the screen and what types of interactions your program requires from users – something that not many other classes require!

Different Ways of Teaching Coding at Schools

Following are the top 10 tips for teaching coding at schools:

Give Real- Life Experiences

Teachers can teach computer science by giving real-life references and incorporating daily activities with coding. It is important that teachers provide relatable examples so children don’t feel overwhelmed by learning new concepts.

Let Students Work Together in a Project

Another idea for teaching computer science is to have students work together on a project. This allows them to collaborate and problem-solve with others which they may not otherwise do in the classroom.

Let Them Learn Coding Through Minecraft

One fun way of teaching coding is through Minecraft. Children enjoy this because it has an interactive environment that will allow them to create what their minds are thinking as quickly as possible, without having the frustration from being stuck on something simple like loops or variables.

Let Them Know That Programming Relates Back to Life

It’s important teachers show children how programming relates back to life outside of school so they can see its relevance and importance.

Teachers Should Give Examples

Teachers should give examples when giving lessons so students don’t get confused by abstract material.

Ask Students to Create Games

One method to do this is by having students create a game that they would enjoy playing outside of school and then creating it in code. This will provide them with a sense of accomplishment from not just being handed an assignment but figuring out how to make something on their own.

Use Hardware’s to Help Them Understand

Teachers can use some hardware such as raspberry or Arduino to teach coding and make it fun. Another strategy is to create coding tasks that are related to the jobs your students will have when they graduate. This includes things like finding a career path, using the company’s API, and more.

Create Assignments for Them

Another way teachers can teach computer science in school is by creating assignments that require other skills such as art or music. For example, A student would have to create an animation of their favorite song while incorporating colors from the rainbow.

Help Them Understand Through Play

The important thing for computer science teachers to remember when teaching coding is that children learn best through play, so if you use these techniques while encouraging creativity, your lessons will surely be successful!

Use Some High-End Programming Software

Teachers can use some high-end programming software so that students’ curiosity increases in learning to code. This will also help students identify their strengths and weaknesses which are necessary for them to continue learning.

With all these methods available, there’s no excuse for schools not to incorporate more coding into maths or English classes. It doesn’t have to take up too much time as well- implementing it daily could help prepare kids for what lies ahead.

Different Tools and Resources for Teaching Coding

Now that we’ve discussed the ways to teach coding in your school, let’s take a look at some of our favorite tools and resources for coding.

  1. One great tool is CodeSpells which teaches students how to code their own video game with no prior knowledge needed. It starts out easy but gradually gets more challenging – making it perfect for beginners!
  2. Students can also use Scratch software which has been designed specifically for kids aged five through fifteen years old who are just starting off with programming skills.
  3. There is another tool i.e. App Inventor- this allows teachers or even children themselves without any coding skills to create a working mobile app.

With these three powerful pieces of software, you’ll never need anything else when teaching computer science in schools again!


It is no secret that computer science are becoming increasingly important in the modern world. With this being said, it would be beneficial to incorporate more of these subjects into traditional school curricula so that students can become well-rounded and knowledgeable in all aspects of STEM fields. The most effective way to do this? Bring a coding curriculum into your classes! It should not only be taught as an elective or afterschool activity but also incorporated within current courses like history, math, English, etc., where applicable. We hope that you make the most out of this article while teaching coding at your schools.

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