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Your Guide to The Red Cross and its Significance!

Your Guide to The Red Cross and its Significance!

What is the Red Cross?

Having headquarters in over 192 countries, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has created waves. Especially when it comes to shaping a new life for millions of people through 70,000+ disasters. These superheroes clad in red and white take over when people need them the most. offering a hand during times of crisis, but how much do we really know about them. Why do we have a special day dedicated to them? In this blog, let’s read to know what are the different red cross day activities and the red cross and its significance!

What Do They Do?

Founded in 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland, the Red Cross was born in accordance with the Geneva Mandate of 1949. With a whooping 97 million volunteers, about 20,000 employed staff in more than 100 countries, they work to protect the lives and dignity of victims. The red cross and its significance show us how it’s purely a humanitarian movement, spread across the world for the betterment of the people. 

One of their primary focuses is protecting victims of armed violence and conflict and helping promote the laws that protect such victims of war. Known to be an organization that is independent, impartial and neutral, they have assisted more than 229 million people across the globe in a year! For World Red Cross Day to materialize as an international day, it took two years to finally celebrate it for the first time on May 8th, 1948.

Now you must be wondering, who founded the Red Cross in India? In India, it was founded by Claude Hill. The Red Cross of India came into existence on 3rd March 1920, post the First World War. This was introduced in India as an effort to uplift the affected soldier. 

Did You Know?

The relief pack for the victims back then included the following items:

8 ounces fruit in syrup16 ounces lentils2 ounces toilet soap16 ounces flour8 biscuits8 ounces margarine12 ounces Nestlé’s Milk14 ounces rice16 ounces pilchards2 ounces curry powder8 ounces sugar1 ounce dried eggs2 ounces tea1 ounce salt4 ounces chocolate

What’s the Meaning Behind the Symbol?

Red Cross Symbol

To add some interesting facts here, the red cross symbol or emblem came into existence more than 151 years ago when it was a symbol adopted by the Geneva Conventions for medics to wear on the battlefield. 

It basically means “don’t shoot!” as there is impartial assistance in the form of ambulances and medical services. The red cross symbol is dearly protected by countries around the world and restricts the use of it only to medical services and Red Cross and its significance to humanitarian aid.  

Red Cross Day Celebration in India

World Red Cross Day

World Red Cross Day is celebrated with great vigor in India as well. This Day in India celebrates by honouring the most important part of what makes the Red Cross what it is today. Throughout the world in fact, on World Red Cross Day,  the volunteers are honoured for their dedication and effort and for facilitating them with complete gusto. 

One of the different ways you can celebrate this day is by donating blood or plasma (if you are an ex-COVID patient who has been declared negative and safe to donate plasma by your doctor). The whole point of World Red Cross Day is to celebrate the red cross and its significance, which is to help the poor and enrich the lives of the underprivileged. To understand that and make a move to help India’s underprivileged in times of crisis like these COVID times would fall in line with what the Red Cross stands for. 

Did You Know?

Every child can join and be a part of them now. Registering with the Red Cross Youth wing can help your child develop many important life skills that will help them be a well-rounded person. They have the opportunity to introduce one to basic first aid, safety on the roads, etc. This is also a wonderful opportunity to let your child take charge while also helping them blossom to the next breed of future leaders equipped with confidence and vision.


The world is not all cotton candy and lemon drops. Sometimes it’s just a slice of lemon with no amount of sweetners to it. With blazing covid spills across the country, The Red Cross and its significance in India is visible more than ever. They are doing everything they can to help. To know more about their efforts, check out for updates on their work to tackle the virus.

Raising children that are aware of the ongoing circumstances and instilling habits of empathy and learning is important. And even the needs of the hour. Maybe the world will not be a better place overnight. although it can inch towards being one by the next generation. 

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