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Animals and Their Homes

Animals and Their Homes

After a long tiring day, everyone thinks of going home and getting comfortable. You feel protected and relaxed at home. Similarly, animals feel comfortable in their homes too. They build their own homes to feel secure. But do you know how animals construct their homes? What is an animal home called? In this article, we are going to discuss animals and their homes.

What is an Animal Home?

An animal home is where animals live; it is called a habitat. It is an environment where animals get water, food, shelter, and comfortable space. They work in a group to build a home for themselves. However, not all animals construct their own houses or shelters. Some creatures, like monkeys, live in trees. Whereas snakes seek safety in a natural burrow.

The Homes of Animals

Every animal has a place to live, sleep, and feel comfortable. They also have families to protect and feed, for which they make a shelter. Here you will find a list of animals and their homes

Homes of Animals

Guinea PigCage, Hutch
PandaBamboo tree
PigCote, Pen
PigeonCote, Loft

How Animals Build Their Homes?

1. Bees

Honey bees work together to gather nectar from the flowers. They select locations where they can find the best flowers. They communicate by making noises and dancing, called the waggle dance. Honey bees suck up the droplets of nectar using their straw-like mouth from the flowers. Other bees take the nectar inside the colony and pack it in hexagon-shaped beeswax honey cells. They turn the nectar into honey by drying it out using a warm breeze made with their wings. Once the honey gets dry, they put a lid over the honey cell using fresh beeswax.

2. Birds

Birds gather sticks, grass, leaves, tree branches, mud, stones, and even their own saliva. They put everything in a shed made of trees.

3. Rats

Rats gather various things, such as fabric, cardboard, packing peanuts, paper, and a wide range of other shredded scrap items. They pack all the materials and make a cozy space where rats feel free from danger.

Why Do Animals Need a Home?

Animals need homes to protect themselves from harsh elements as well as predators. They need a place where they can lay eggs and keep them safe. Home gives them a safe and restful environment. Natural disasters such as landslides, forest fires, heavy rainfall, and other natural disasters must be avoided by all animals.

Practice for Kids 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which animal home is the pen?

Answer: Cows and sheep live in pens. It is an enclosed area surrounding a shed for holding livestock.

2. Which animal carries its home with it?

Answer: Animals like tortoises, snails, turtles, and crabs have soft interiors and a hard outer shell to protect them. These animals carry their home everywhere.

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