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Blended Learning: 5 Big Benefits of It!


Nehal Jain




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Introduction of Blended Learning

The teaching landscape is changing rapidly. The technological rise of the 21st century and the widespread integration of digital technologies into our learning ecosystem, combined with access to the internet, has integrally changed teaching in just a few years. This rapidly changing landscape should be a marker to show that traditional teaching methods must evolve to keep up with the times. We should embrace integrated technologies into the learning model.

Blended learning has completely transformed how knowledge was imparted to children earlier. Unlike the traditional way of teaching by chalk and board technique, Blended learning makes learning simple, easier, and effective.

With changes in learning technology and a trend toward informal learning, this type of learning continues to offer learners many benefits—standardization, self-paced, and anytime, anywhere learning.

What is Blended Learning?

Blended learning, also known as ‘’flipped classroom,” “hybrid learning”, or “mixed learning.” It is a combination of learning methods consisting of multiple teaching modalities, i.e. e-learning and traditional face-to-face learning. It allows children to be self-directed and learn at their own pace. It also provides immediate feedback in the form of knowledge checks and assessments. Our little learners can easily and quickly access the information whenever and wherever needed. And finally, it provides standardization of content and allows adaptive learning.

Blended learning, like any other learning vehicle, is one avenue to meet learning goals. It provides functionality that supports learning in ways that were previously not possible. For instance, it can provide foundational learning and set a knowledge baseline for a targeted set of learners who may not be co-located. Then, when these learners are together for a face-to-face session, the learning can be at a higher level using interactive classroom learning.

Why is Blended Learning Important?

Blended learning is crucial because it breaks down the traditional walls of teaching. Now, with access to modern-day technologies, we can tailor the learning experience for every child. This approach ensures that the child is engaged and driving their individual learning. It also caters to the needs of the child with unique learning styles that provide splendid learning experiences.

5 Benefits of Blended Learning

 Here we will summarize the points focusing on the benefits of blended learning.

  • Increase the child’s interest: When technology is integrated into school lessons, children are more likely to be interested in, focused on and excited about the topics they are studying. This learning approach helps them increase their information retention.
  • Provides autonomy to children: Blended learning enables the student to access the materials from anywhere at any time while enjoying the benefits of face-to-face support and guidance. 
  • Enhance self-management: The flexibility of blended learning and the ability to access internet resources allows students to learn at their own pace.  
  • Digital learning: It allows more effective interactions between learners and instructors through emails, discussion boards and chat rooms. Teaching in hybrid learning is less expensive to deliver, more affordable and saves time.
  • Research and Procurement: Blended learning provides an valuable access to the global resources and study materials that meet the student’s level of knowledge and interest. Technology and other resources at student’s fingertips engage them with concepts in a super efficient way.  


All students, no matter their age, learn differently. Teaching methods should design programs that reach visual, auditory, and kinetic learners alike.

With the heavy integration of technology into the learning eco-space, we’ll be able to improve teaching, information retention, engagement, responsibility, and enjoyment. Children never outgrow their learning styles, which means blended learning is very important.

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